Coping with Suicide 

Suicide Cleaning Compassion The passing of a loved one is a difficult experience, but losing a loved one due to suicide is a devastating and complex loss. The grieving process after a suicide occurs, can be a confusing, emotional process. Many people are unsure how to process and discuss the topic. An Emotional Situation Be […]

Spring Season and Suicide 

spring suicide

Suicide Death Rising Spring Time Rates A cold and dreary winter can be depressing, but suicide rates don’t actually rise during this time of year. Though springtime is seen as a joyful season full of sun and the coming warmth, suicide rates are actually higher in the spring. Studies as far back as the 1880s […]

Safety against Bloodborne Pathogens 

Blood is a tricky substance to deal with. If blood is spilled on a surface, the proper cleanup is necessary due to the bloodborne pathogens that can harm anyone exposed to them. Bloodborne pathogens can be deadly so safety blood cleaning precautions are crucial to eliminate the threat. Bloodborne pathogens are infectious microorganisms found within […]

Trauma Scene Cleanup Baltimore 

Trauma Cleanup Experience SI Restoration has been cleaning up trauma scenes for numerous years and has the skills and expertise to complete the project properly. The company is IICRC certified and we follow strict guidelines to prevent spreading of the contaminated materials. Trauma Scene cleaning is sometimes covered through insurance but you’ll need to check […]

Suicide Cleanup Costs Maryland 

Suicide Cleanup Costs

Estimating A Maryland Suicide Cleanup Project Certified, Insured, Bonded, Background Checked and Licensed in the State of Maryland For Trauma Cleanup When there is an unexpected death in the family not caused by another person, accident or natural causes it is more likely than not, a suicide. After the act is committed it is a […]

Helpful Hints for Biohazard Cleanup 

Biohazard Cleanup Help and Tips Biohazards are often viewed as something that needs to be cleaned up immediately or as soon as possible after an incident has occurred. They can be placed in a few different categories, however they all involve fluids that are highly contaminated and are often contagious. That is a key attribute […]

Crime Scene Cleanup Costs 

Cost To Cleanup A Crime Scene | Maryland Crime scene cleanup costs are higher than that of traditional cleaning services. The reasoning behind the difference in price range is due to the many factors involved. The cost of remediating biohazards of a crime scene can vary case-by-case, as each situation has its own set of […]

How to know if you have a Biohazard 

Bio Hazard

Cleaning Up Biohazard Situations How do you know when you have a biohazard on your hands? The first thing you need to know what is the definition of a biohazard. Biohazards are an infectious agents or hazardous materials that create a risk for the health of humans or animals. Often this associated with the possibility […]

Dead Body Decomposition Cleanup 

Deceased Body Decomposition Cleaning In the unfortunate event that a friend, loved one, or neighbor passes away in a home, it is important for a reputable biohazard service provider to remove the dead body before decomposition occurs. Dead body decomposition causes an extremely foul and off-putting odor.  This odor can cause extreme nausea in inhabitants […]

How to Clean Up Blood On The Floor 

What To Do When You See A Blood Spill On The Floor There will be a time in everybody’s life that they will see a blood spill on the floor. The blood spill may be a result from a suicide, murder, crime scene and or a trauma situations. In the past many homeowners and property […]

Unattended Death Or Laying Around Dead Bodies 

Unattended Death Clean Up There are times when are tenants and loved ones will die alone. As sad as this maybe, what is more disturbing is the fact that no one may know about their untimely passing. If the deceased is not discovered In time ( days, weeks and even months ) the body will […]