Unexpected Mold Locations 

Where Does Mold Hide? Think your home is pristine? There is no way mold can be infesting your sanctuary, right? You may need to reevaluate your thinking. Mold may be hiding within your residence. Mold problems can occur anywhere if conditions are ideal for growth, and some portions of your home may be home to […]

Mold Questions 

Mold can occur in your property, and can grow as quickly as in 48 hours. Know what to do when you detect mold within your home because it is crucial to address a mold problem sooner rather than later to avoid possible health concerns. SI Restoration is answering your questions on mold:   When is […]

Baltimore Mold Removal 


Professional Baltimore MOLD Remediation Mold is a chronic problem in many parts of Baltimore Maryland. In the areas that comprise Baltimore, there are large rivers, streams, lakes, and the harbor of Baltimore that is affected by the tides of the ocean. With all this mention of water, a person may think how is this relevant […]

The Myth of Bleach and Mold 


The idea that bleach kills mold is a premise that has been promulgated by the bleach and do it yourself community. This questionable mold removal can be done by spraying bleach onto the area of concern and then scrubbing the surface area. Scrubbing clean the area will cause the surface mold to be removed, but […]

Mold Removal at the Federal Level 


Federal Mold Remediation GSA Approved The United States Federal government, may seem like an all-powerful organization. However, one problem that is not dissuaded from taking on the federal government is mold. Mold is nondiscriminatory towards any type of group or government, and this includes our federal government. That is where there is a need for […]

Mold and its Relation to Moisture Issues 


Moisture and Mold Problems? Hire A Professional Mold Removal Company Mold is one of the most ancient organisms on the planet, therefore it needs very little in regards in the way of nutrients to survive. Its primary form of sustenance is cellulose material and moisture, both which are plentiful in regards to water damage. Mold […]

The Health Effects of Mold 

The Health Effects of Mold

Mold Health Effects – Baltimore Maryland Mold can cause a number of different problems for an individual in regards to the quality of life. One of the primary qualities of life that are effected by mold is your health. Health is one of the primary reasons for an individual wanting to remove mold from their […]

Why to Choose an IEP over a Home Mold Test 

Why choose and IEP

IEP Mold Inspection and Home Mold Tests Many people all over the United States have mold in their homes or they think they do. These people often buy a home mold test from their local home improvement store and assume that this can help identify their mold problems in a quick, efficient and cheap manner. […]

Mold Remediation in New Home Construction 

Mold-Removal-New -Home

New Home Construction and Mold Remediation Issues Mold is often seen as an issue that occurs in older properties, mainly because of its association with the age of the property itself. However, mold is indiscriminate against any age of home, and often times it can be even more prevalent. One of the prime factors on […]

What is Mold? 

How Does Mold Grow? When people complain about seeing mold, they may not know what is mold. Often this is considered an unsightly and often a nuisance to those individuals with allergens. However, you need to look what exactly is mold to fully understand it, and why it grows in certain areas and not in […]

Government Mold Remediation 

Government Mold

GSA Approved Mold Remediation Company The federal government is the largest employer in our country and as a consequence has the largest exposure to the persistent issues known as mold. Also it is one of the largest property owners in the country as well, between office buildings to military bases, there are hundreds of different […]

Bathroom Mold Removal 


Bathroom Mold Remediation Mold in the bathroom is one of the most common areas of a residential or commercial property to find the potentially toxic fungus. Mold is constantly present both indoors and outdoors. However, when toxic spore levels exist in greater numbers indoors as opposed to their outdoor counterparts, the potential for allergic reaction […]

The Importance of Mold Testing 

Mold Inspection Importance For Proper Mold Remediation People question why do they need to do mold testing on their home? The question that should be asked why you should be getting your home tested for mold. People often fail to realize the health issues that come with mold. The logic that they have is that […]

What are the Most Common Spots for Mold in the Home? 

Common Spots For Mold Growth Mold is one of the pervasive infections that a home can have. As long as human’s have lived in stationary structures we have had to deal with issues of the dampness, and the elements getting into our homes, which in term breeds mold. Like a weed mold can spread throughout […]

Mold in Churches 


Church Mold Remediation Company Churches are not only a place of worship, they are a place for community, for networking, and for gathering.  No matter what religion or creed a person may belong to, their place of worship should be a safe haven for communal gatherings.  In the case of Church of the Palms Presbyterian […]

Mold on Sheetrock 


Sheet Rock Mold Remediation Company Mold is potentially toxic organic matter that is ever-present both outdoors and indoors. However, when mold spore counts inside exceed levels that exist in their outdoor counterparts, mold remediation is likely needed. Mold remediation and removal is a process that should be trusted to highly-trained, certified professionals. With over twenty […]

How to Read Mold Test Results 


Reading the mold test report Mold testing is a vital component to ensuring that a residential or commercial property is either mold free or mold infested.  Mold tests are especially important during the sale or exchange of property, as most property inspections require full disclosure to potential buyers or future owners. For property owners, it […]

Mold Remediation Companies 


Removal Company For Mildew and Mold Remediation Mold growth in a residential or commercial property can be costly and hazardous.  Hazards from fungal growth can affect both the structural integrity of the property as well as the health of the inhabitants.  The cost of proper mold remediation can range drastically depending on the severity of […]

Certified Mold Inspectors 


Industrial Hygienist Mold Inspectors Certified mold inspectors play a pivotal role in the protection of residential and commercial properties.  Building old and new can experience toxic fungal infestation in the form of indoor mold.  Mold remediation may be needed for many reasons including chronic water damage leakage, flooding, high moisture levels, burst pipes, and poor […]

Top 10 Reasons to Hire Certified Mold Contractors 


Top Ten Things To Look For In A Mold Removal Contractor Certifications – IICRC Proper certification sets certified mold contractors apart from general contractors hired to handle mold remediation.  The difference in using a certified mold contractor and a general contractor may save some money in the beginning of the project, but will cost the […]