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Clutter cleaning, or hoarding cleaning  as it is sometimes referred to, can be one of the most challenging tasks for anyone to overcome. People who have clutter issues, often function well in their work life and can hold prestigious positions, yet they come home to a mess and confusion and find it overwhelming to control. However, it is vital to get this cleaning done because clutter can create fire hazards, make it difficult to get-out of the home if there is a fire and can cause air quality complications.

There are 4 main options to assist in the cleaning and organizing for these situations; the question is which will work best for you. Below, you will find a description and information for each of these choices.

Clutter Cleaning Option 1:

First, you can do the clutter cleaning yourself. This is certainly the most cost-effective option, however it can be the most difficult to get the desired results. If you are simply assisting someone with the clutter cleaning, there are going to be unique situations that you will encounter. To begin with, there will be difficult decisions on which items to keep and which items to discard. People who live with clutter frequently want to keep items as much as they want to get rid of them and making a final decision can be extremely overwhelming. As well, people often underestimate the amount of time the clutter cleaning will take. Once they realize that they are not getting far, the project is often left by the wayside. This can be exacerbated by resistance from the clutter-er themselves.

Clutter Cleaning Option 2:

The second option is to hire a junk hauler to assist you, however there can be some unique issues that present themselves. The most important thing you can do when hiring a junk hauler is to verify their insurance! There have been numerous situations where an employee of the junk company has gotten hurt on a homeowners property. (Unfortunately, this can be a common occurrence during clutter cleaning due to the nature of the work and the environment being worked in.) If the junk hauler does not have workers compensation insurance, you, the homeowner will be responsible for any medical bills and could even end up being sued! The savvy homeowner will require a Certificate of Insurance for any company who enters your home to do work! In addition, junk haulers are just that. They simply take items out of your home, throw them in a truck and leave. This does not help the clutter-er to determine which items are valuable or sentimental and can make it harder to complete the clutter cleaning. They do not help sort or organize items to assist the person any further. In addition, junk haulers often make their money reselling the items taken from the home and this can be very upsetting to the person who has had to discard their personal possessions.

Clutter Cleaning Option 3:

Your third option is a Personal/Professional Organizer. Professional Organizers, if certified through the National Association of Professional Organizers, can be a very effective tool for clutter cleaning. However, if there is too much clutter in the home, the organizer can not properly sort through all the belongings and the job can quickly get overwhelming. Professional Organizers achieve the best results on smaller jobs. The smaller jobs help keep this option more economical. Unfortunately, because Organizers generally charge by the hour, the costs for this type of clutter cleaning can sky-rocket rather quickly.

Clutter Cleaning Option 4:

Your final, and most advantageous option is a combination of several of these services. A Clutter Cleaning or Hoarding Clean-up company combines the skills of all of these professionals and gives you the quickest, most cost-effective and most successful results, regardless of the size of the job. The professional cleaning company will have the proper insurance (workers compensation and general liability at a minimum), professional organizing credentials, trained manpower and trucks to complete the job effectively and efficiently. They will understand the need to sort the belongings to recover items that are valuable and/or sentimental. They will help you turn cluttered and disorganized chaos back into a home with usable living space. They will use discretion at your home to not bring unwanted attention (opposed to a fleet of vehicles with “We Haul Junk” on the side.)

Whichever option you ultimately choose, it is important to carefully weigh the pros and cons and make the most informed decision possible!

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