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You can reduce clutter by reducing and releasing limiting beliefs and stuck negative emotions. But what next? You can reduce these and be in a neutral state. That’s very good. But many clutters have not even considered new, positive beliefs and feelings. Unfortunately, the predominate culture did a great job in the past of imposing or promoting negative concepts as if clutterers are permanently damaged. That just is not true.

Cluttering is driven by the negative thought patterns in your subconscious mind. So adding more negativity will not help and may make it even worse.

Clutterers and Hoarders are Normal, Nice and Intelligent People

If you are a clutterer or hoarder, you may think no one is like you and that you are very different. You might have thoughts that if anyone knew what your home looked like, they wouldn’t like you. Yet, an estimated 15% of the population is cluttered and 2 – 3 % are hoarders. This means you are the same as millions of other people.

Clutterers are often very nice people. This is a known characteristic, in addition to clutterers being highly intelligent and creative with many interests.

So what do many people think after hearing this information? Often the next comment is a derogatory one, which brings up negative emotions and thoughts. All of these thoughts and feelings may come from either clutterers or non-clutterers. None of this negative thinking helps anyone. When you think a negative and judgmental thought, who is feeling the negative feeling? You are. No matter who you are, clutterer or non-clutterer.

How Do You Turn a Negative Into a Positive?

First, notice if you are thinking or feeling something negative. Then, think of a positive thought that can replace that. Then repeat that to yourself as many times as you can. So a negative thought such as, “I am such a stupid person because I’m so cluttered” could become, “I am a nice, thoughtful, smart person” or “I am a nice, thoughtful, smart person who currently has a cluttered home”.

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Many clutterers benefit from these gentle, easy and empowering processes. Beverly E. Taylor, the “Clean Up Queen”, specializes in working with the emotions and mind to make decluttering easier.

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