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Hoarding Help in the United States

Helping Hoarders with Hoarding Clean Up and Emotional Issues can be difficult sometimes but the key to helping hoarders is patience.

Many people who are reading this article may be just interested individuals who are fascinated by the subject of Hoarding. Others although may be facing a mass crisis in their lives either secretly living with a hoarding problem or having a friend or family member affected by the hoarding illness.

Let’s get one thing straight. Hoarding is not some odd ball or freak show that sometimes is portrayed on TV. This is a serious illness that eventually will have it’s own official diagnosis. Serious enough to make it in the DSM book which is what therapist use to identify if someone has hoarding and allow insurance companies to start paying for the treatment and the effects of hoarding.

If this is your first article or any piece of hoarding let me inform you on some information that may make sense of this madding and uncontrollable situation.

First 3-5 % of the world (not just the USA) has some level of hoarding. You may again assume that only odd strange people have the hoarding illness or hoard. In fact you have to have some requirements to have hoarding. Please be aware that these requirements are still in the theory stages and have not been confirmed scientifically. Here are just a few.

Educated- Therapists and researchers are finding out that most hoarders are actually highly educated people. The most popular profession is teachers and then doctors. The people you see on TV are usually on TV because they are at their wits end and are not worried as much about the social effect it will cause them. Most hoarders are actually the opposite and will avoid any possibility of being found out about their situation.

Sensitive and caring- You will notice that these folks are not the mean hobbit image, but are usually the nice lady down the street with the nice smile that everybody likes.

Unaware- As you talk to hoarders there is an air of normalcy to their position in life. You will find the hoarder either not realizing there is even a problem, to the fact that they know it’s a problem but will never admit it’s a problem in fear of being caught.

There are more signs or “requirements ” but each hoarder posses different kinds. The best way to get Hoarding Help and even Hoarding Cleanup Help is to go to the leaders of the hoarding knowledge.

As a hoarding help professional for years I have found the best source to start off with is the International OCD web site. Look under hoarding help center and you will see the therapists and professors Gail Stenekedy and Randy Frost. They have a list of therapists and they have a list of books that highly suggest you read.

Helping Hoarders can come in many ways but please be advised that in order to help a hoarder you should understand them. Hoarding Help is something that people sometimes assume would be to throw everything out. Realize that to help a hoarder you should understand, why do they hoard these items? What value do they see in them, or more specifically an item. Hoarding Help isn’t just about throwing an item away but about why they collect it. Has someone passed away in there family has an ex left them, these are reasons that help a hoarder without stressing them out. The decisions to throw items away is stressful so make sure your actually helping the hoarder instead of stepping on there feet. Patience is the key to hoarding help, if you need Hoarding Help with a Hoarding Cleanup please call SI Restoration at the number at the top of the page for more information on our services.

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