New Jersey

SI Restoration has over 22 years of experience with fire damage, water damage, mold removal / mold remediation, hoarding clean up, and crime scene clean up in New Jersey.

The Company is proud to serve the entire state of New Jersey.

Fire Damage

New Jersey StateIf you live in Camden, Newark, Jersey City, Cherry Hill, Trenton, New Brunswick, or anywhere in New Jersey, it doesn’t matter because SI Restoration has trained employees ready to help you with any of our services. Cleaning up a small fire in your house is just as important as cleaning up a burnt down house It still needs to be handled with trained professionals. We can board up your house and assist you with taking care of the fire, be it a kitchen fire, bedroom fire, or a fire from the fireplace; call us for assistance.

Fire Damage can be dangerous to your health if not properly restored and cleaned. The smoke damage from the burnt house needs to be restored back to normal so you have the healthy air to breath. Most of the time insurance companies will pick up the invoice, but you have to make sure you check the fire restoration companies credentials. Fire Damage companies should be rated well on BBB, certified by the IICRC, and have customer testimonials to back up their work.

Water Damage

SI Restoration is happy to help you with whatever problem you have, if it’s a kitchen flood, overflow of a sink that floods your house, leakage from an upper floor, bathroom flooding, or any type of water damage; we are here to assist you with it. Water Damage could be as simple as a small leak from your toilet overflow to create a damaged bathroom cabinet and flooring. It could also be a Snow Damaged roof that has caved in because of heavy snow. Heavy rain creates another type of Water Restoration service called Flood Damage. Flooding in your basement can cause mold and health issues to you.

When deciding on what company to pick for your Water Restoration needs, please keep in mind that they should have the correct equipment to do the job. Smaller companies often times don’t use dehumidifiers to take out the moisture in the air. The moisture would than create mold. This would additionally fall under the home owner to pay for the mold removal because it was their fault that it was created. SI Restoration certifies all of our employees with IICRC and we have over 21 years experience in the Water Damage, Flood Damage, Snow Damage and other water restoration industries.

Mold Removal / Mold Remediation

SI Restoration knows your concerns and we take pride in having the right equipment to take care of your situation. Mold removal is a vital part of making sure you are living in a safe environment. We have the right tools to make sure the mold is removed and it stays removed from your house. Even the smallest sign of mold will be removed by our trained experts. Mold can appear anywhere, mold can also come out a few years later after a flood, if it is not properly taken care of at the time of restoration.

Hoarding Clean Up

Hoarding Clean Up is one of our specialties as well. We’ve seen it all and nothing is too big for us to handle. Don’t be afraid to call us, we will keep your situation confidential, and have IICRC certified employees to take care of your hoarding situation.  Whether it’s animal hoarding or hoarding of paperwork, we are here for you and can assist you in living in a healthier environment.

Hoarding Cleanup is a service that we take great pride in doing since we can help the hoarder. SI Restoration comes in trucks that aren’t marked with Hoarding Cleanup or Junk Removal on the side of them. We take the privacy of the Hoarder very seriously and our staff is trained not to talk to the neighbors. Hoarding Cleaning isn’t something you should just obtain a removal service to cleanup the mess but hire a professional who can find lost items. Some hoarders prefer to donate usable items to their favorite charity, it will help to relieve the stress of throwing them out. Our staff is trained and certified by the IICRC, members of NAPO and other industry experts in hoarding.

Crime Scene Clean Up

SI Restoration also deeply understands human tragedy. We know that this is a terrible time for someone and the last thing they want to think about is cleaning up the crime scene. We have professionals who are trained through ABRA and Hydro-Labs at cleaning up blood or bodily fluids from a crime scene. We handle murder situations, trauma, bio hazard, and suicide clean ups as well. If you are placed in this situation, we are here to try to make it go as smoothly as possible.

We cover all of New Jersey including but not limited to the following counties: Atlantic, Bergen, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Essex, Gloucester, Hudson, Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Ocean, Passaic, Salem, Somerset, Sussex, Union, Warren.

SI Restoration has a staff that is on call at all times depending on your issue and can handle a small residential damage or a massive commercial restoration. With over 22 years of expertise, we hope that you choose SI Restoration.

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Servicing all of New Jersey which includes small or large cities such as Cherry Hill, Trenton, Jersey City, New Brunswick, Newark, Camden, and the rest of New Jersey with Water Damage, Flood Damage, Crime Scene Cleanup, Mold Removal / Mold Remediation, and Hoarding Clean Up.

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