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People tend to think that Hoarding Cleanup is only what you see on A&E ‘Hoarders’ but it is much deeper than these extreme situations. There are different types of Hoarder Cleaning levels and different types of Hoarders. Hoarding can’t be taken lightly or it will become an extreme and treating a Hoarder different than anyone else is where many loved ones go wrong.

Hoarders Cleaning New York

Hoarding Cleanup in Brooklyn New York

If you are a Hoarder and want a Hoarding Cleanup company to come out to your house to help with your cleaning than don’t be afraid to call them up and ask them. There is no shame in quieting smoking is there? Why should there be shame in living a higher quality of life. Situations can vary and some are on the border line of needing a clutter cleaning or a hoarding cleaning. I’ve seen homes that have a very neat pile of items around the house and it’s more organized than my home. What makes this a hoarder cleaning? The fact that these items block pathways, restrict the person from using all of our necessary items such as a tv or the bathroom. Most hoarders start in the bedroom or living room and then start to pile things in other rooms. I’ve seen some of the nicest people who are living in an unhealthy environment but the thought of throwing anything away scares them.

Hoarding Clean up New York

Hoarding Cleaning in New York City

Throwing things out isn’t always the best case scenario, sometimes it’s best to donate items to a charitable organization to help the people who would love those items and use them more than the hoarder. This is the difference between a New York Hoarding Cleanup company and New York Junk Removal company. In New York, there are many people who offer to clean your home but they throw many items away and have junk removal on the side of their trucks letting everyone know what they are doing. Our staff is trained to keep any clean up situation private, our trucks aren’t labeled with ‘Hoarding Cleanup’ on the side or ‘Junk Removal.’ The staff we have are trained to not speak to the neighbors about what they are doing in your home and they are trained to work with the Hoarder in this stressful situation.

New York hoarding situations should be taken seriously and with the proper staff should make the hoarder feel comfortable with the clean up. A hoarder is an ordinary person with an addiction to keeping items they see as having worth. Everyone loves to do something in life, what do you love to do in life? What could someone say to make you stop doing that particular activity or stop eating that favorite food. Although smoking is bad for you, the smoker knows this but the addiction keeps him or her from stopping. The same goes with hoarding; there is a trigger such as being a teacher which is a career field that has the most hoarding cases. Some people say it’s because they hoard items that bring back there best teaching memories. Many hoarders aren’t born this way but a traumatic incident has made this a hoarder. During my years of hoarding cleaning, I’ve noticed a death of a loved one, a lost relative, or an ex leaving them could have started this experience.

If you truly want to help the hoarder, than try to associate why they are hoarding and be positive about it with them. As hard as it may be there are thousands of Hoarders in New York and many more in the United States. The more you relate to them the easier it will be for them to help and realize that the situation is creating an unhealthy lifestyle.

Having someone like SI Restoration to help you with the Hoarder Cleaning will also benefit because there may be urine, animal feces, and other bio hazard or even mold residing under some of the items that have been hoarded. Please give us a call for more Hoarding Clean Up information at the number above or use the contact form below.

Some of the major cities in New York that we’ve completed work in are:

  • Albany, NY
  • Amherst, NY
  • Bronx, NY
  • Brooklyn, NY
  • Manhattan, NY
  • New York City, NY
  • Queens, NY

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