Servicing Water Damage, Flood Damage, Fire Restoration, Hoarding Clean Up, Mold Removal / Mold Remediation, Crime Scene Cleanup and Blood Cleaning in Virginia.

SI Restoration has over 21 years of experience in the restoration industry in Virginia and serves Maryland, Delaware, Washington DC, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania as well.

Mold Removal

Virginia Map- Water Damage, Fire Damage, Mold Removal, Hoarding Clean Up, and Crime Scene Cleanup

Virginia- Water Damage, Fire Damage, Mold Removal, Hoarding Clean Up, and Crime Scene Cleanup

SI Restoration has been safely removing mold following IICRC S520 Guidelines since 1989. Our experienced mold advisers and certified technicians take great care in making sure you are in a safe and mold free environment. SI Restoration offers different price and service packages to fit any budget. Mold damage can appear anywhere, especially after water damage, flooding and high humidity.

No one knows how much mold is needed to become a health hazard. Everyone has different levels of sensitivity to mold and especially mold spores. SI Restoration understands your concerns and believes that every customer commercial or residential should be completely educated and understand the correct way to remove mold. Sadly many Virginia mold customers get taken advantage of by unethical contractors that don’t follow industry standards and actually have more mold growth after the unethical contractors have performed their mold removal.

SI Restoration follows all IICRC S520 Guidelines the same mold guidelines that the US court system follows for mold removal and mold cleanup projects. Guidelines such as negative air pressure, containment, and protective procedures to prevent spreading of mold throughout the house and property.

Hoarding Cleanup

Compassion and understanding is the number one skill that any hoarding clean up service must obtain. A hoarding clean up company should not have “ junk removal,” crime scene clean up or hoarding cleanup service on their trucks and vehicles. Hoarders are already embarrassed and do not need the rest of the community to find out about their hoarding illness.  Some hoarding situations involve cat hoarding or animal feces. Due to the unknown nature of hoarding situations, companies that perform Hoarding Clean Up should also be licensed and trained to remove any bio hazards such as animal feces, urine and other disease issues.  Remember that privacy is the most important issue when dealing with hoarding cleaning and SI Restoration has become a master of sensitivity.

Virginia hoarding issues are the same as in every state in the USA. Although their are no Virginia hoarding cleanup laws, hoarders and friends of hoarders need to be careful who they bring into their homes. Some hoarders are afraid to call us because they feel we will judge them or gasp at what we may see; actually it’s just the opposite. Our case managers and highly skilled technicians who are trained to be compassionate, caring and non judgmental.  We are ABRA certified and members of the National Association Of Professional Organizers NAPO . Whether it’s animal hoarding or hoarding of paperwork, we are here for you and can assist you in living in a healthier environment.

Crime Scene Clean Up

SI Restoration is proud to offer certified and trained technicians that are available 24 hours / 7 days a week for trauma cleanup, blood clean up, murder cleanup and suicide cleanup. Usually referred to as Crime Scene Clean Up or bio hazard clean up, SI Restoration technicians have years of experience with working with family members and property managers.  Our professionals who are trained through ABRA at cleaning up blood or bodily fluids are also trained to be sensitive and respectful through the whole clean up and removal process. If you are placed in this situation, call us at anytime.

SI Restoration understands the emotional turmoil that friends, families and property management professionals go through when they face the realities of blood and body fluid after a suicide, crime scene, murder, decomposing bodies and other blood spill issues. This is a horrible time for someone and the last thought is performing a blood clean up. If you are placed in this situation, we are here to try to make it go as smoothly as possible.

Water Damage

Water Damage, Water Mitigation, Water Restoration, or any other type of water situation can be handled from a large water damage to a minor leak. Having the proper equipment is always important and necessary to get the job done. Water Extraction should always be completed with the proper staff, our staff is trained by IICRC (Clean Trust) and follow their guidelines for every job. If the water restoration is not completed to the proper standards it could potentially cause mold damage and other issues.

Toilet over flows, water heater busts, sprinkler head water leaks and flooded basements are no challenge for SI Restoration. While most water damage restoration companies perform two water damage clean up services a week, SI Restoration performs three to five emergency calls a day. Insurance companies such as Amica, State farm, USAA, Hartford, Met Life Insurance and many others have trusted SI Restoration for their quality of work, 2 hour response time to the home or business, and for their honest pricing.

Fire Damage

If you live in Richmond,  Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, or a small town in Maryland, it doesn’t matter because SI Restoration has trained employees ready to help you with your Fire Cleanup. Cleaning up a small fire in your house is just as important as cleaning up a burnt down house. We can board up your house and assist you with taking care of the fire, be it a kitchen fire, bedroom fire, or a fire from the fireplace. Fire Damage and Smoke Damage should be taken care of by a professional so always check their BBB profile and certifications to make sure that they are qualified to complete the job.

Alexandria, Fairfax, Richmond, Petersburg it doesn’t matter, SI Restoration has trained technicians that are ready 24 hours 7 days a week to help you with any of our services. If you have a small smoke damage or half of your house has been burned, SI Restoration will service you with the same great service. SI Restoration is open all day, every day, for emergency board up service for windows and doors. After 22 years, SI Restoration has been a master of kitchen fires, electrical fires, arson fires, and all general types of fires.

SI Restoration offers Virginia the following services: Fire Damage, Board Up and Roof Tarping, Smoke Damage, Flood Damage, Water Damage, Hoarding Clean Up, Clutter Clean Up, Blood Clean Up, Bio Hazard Clean Up, Crime Scene Clean Up, Mold Removal / Mold Remediation and other related services. SI Restoration is certified with the IICRC, ABRA, and Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Please call us at the number at the top of the page or use our contact form for non emergency questions.