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Differences Between Water Damage in New Jersey from a Restoration Company or a Janitorial Company?

As an Emergency Water Damage Restoration and Cleanup Company serving New Jersey, it is surprising that some janitorial services and commercial cleaning companies still offer water damage cleanup services. The expectation of extracting and drying water damages from 20 years ago is completely different from what is expected today.

InWater Damage New Jersey Equipment the past, janitorial companies in New Jersey (and other states), simply came out, extracted the water from the carpets and floors and put down an Air Mover. Once the floor felt dry, then their work was complete. Thus, when a flood damage restoration company tried to explain how to correctly dry floors, carpets and walls to prevent mold growth, they were ignored. Today, however, building property management companies and homeowners are much more receptive to what the restoration company has to say. Currently, Emergency Water Restoration and Cleanup Companies are the preferred choice for restoration work in New Jersey homes and businesses.

There are several reasons that restoration companies are superior to janitorial services for water restoration. The main reason is that cleaning services do not have industry training to prevent odor and mold growth. Without this, the building management company and the janitorial/cleaning services are left open to legal liability. Extracting water out of a home or business at 2 A.M is not difficult (assuming the company has staff on-call and available to be there within 2 hours); correctly drying the wet walls and carpet to prevent mold growth is!

Some cleaning services have become IICRC Certified in Restoration, however it has not solved the problems associated with their cleanup process. Primarily, because it is not what the company specializes in and while a member of the company has been certified, the technicians performing the cleanup have not! This means that while they are doing the job to the best of their ability, they are not personally familiar with, nor certified by IICRC.

Today, many New Jersey cleaning services are avoiding the request for emergency cleanup and letting IICRC Certified Water Damage Restoration Companies take over the responsibility. By doing this, it alleviates their legal responsibility.

However, there is actually a better solution to the water damage problem in commercial properties and homes. It’s called team work! Cleaning services should team up with a Water Damage Company that has the capabilities and available employees to perform any size water damage. Then, both companies should approach customers as a united front. The cleaning service can help tackle the extraction of the water. This allows the water restoration company to concentrate on the more important issues, such as drying walls and carpet, and establishing the status of wet equipment, furniture, etc. The restoration company can also search for fire walls versus regular walls with insulation which have different drying concerns. (This is another area often missed by janitorial services!)

This will enable New Jersey cleaning and janitorial services to be a bigger asset to building management companies and homeowners and thus allow them to expand their business. Creating this new service team will provide unlimited benefits to everyone involved!

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