Philadelphia- Fire Damage, Water Damage, Mold Removal, Hoarding Clean Up & Crime Scene Clean Up

Over 22 years experience in fire damage, water damage, mold removal, mold remediation, hoarding cleanup, and crime scene clean up.

Water Damage

Philadelphia Water Damage EquipmentSI Restoration is IICRC certified to respond day or night for kitchen floods, overflow of a sink that damages your house, leakage from an upper floor that soaks your carpet, bathroom flooding, or any type of water damage; we are here to help you. Our staff  has  a combined 300 years of emergency clean up experience to get your water damage extracted, dried and put back to a how it was before the damage. .

Water Damage, Flooding Cleanup, Snow Damage, and other types of Water Damage can create serious problems if not addressed ASAP. Mold damage could ruin drywall and insulation and wood floors can warp and have to be replaced if not dried immediately. If you decide to wait, please beware that the insurance company may not cover your water damage later on. The insurance company requires that you the homeowner or property manager quickly and correctly start the clean up process including water extraction and drying. By just waiting one day may cause a claim denial.

Fire Damage

If you live in Philadelphia, Montgomery county, Delaware county, Bucks county, and Chester County don’t worry SI Restoration has trained employees ready to help you 24 hours seven days a week. Everything from boarding up the windows and doors to smoke damaged walls and floors. SI Restoration has IICRC certified technicians in fire damage clean up which will get your home or commercial property ready for painting or construction. SI Restoration treats all size fires as if it were the worse fire damage in the world. Kitchen fires, laundry room fires, electrical fires, bedroom fire damages are all treated with professionalism and compassion.

Mold Removal and Mold Remediation

Mold removal and mold remediation is serious business. Just wiping the mold away may actually create more mold spores, which creates an even bigger problem.  SI Restoration follows IICRC guidelines which reassures you that we will make sure that not only will the mold be cleaned up correctly, but the mold will not spread due to faulty workmanship and incorrect practices. There is no size limit or minimum amount of mold that SI Restoration can’t handle. Our goal with mold removal and mold remediation is simple. Our mission is to create a healthy environment and reduce the chance of liability.

Hoarding Clean Up

Let’s face it, if you have the hoarding illness or have a loved one who has the hoarding illness, it can be embarrassing. What makes it easier is that SI Restoration has trained case managers who are NCGCS certified and trained, to have compassion and create a non judgmental and understanding relationship with the hoarder.  Don’t be afraid to call us, we will keep your situation confidential, and we have certified employees to take care of your hoarding situation.  Whether it’s animal hoarding or hoarding of paperwork, we are here for you and can assist you in living in a healthier environment.

  • 24 hour seven days a week same day service ( additional charges may apply )
  • 2 employees or more depending on need
  • Will recycle or donate items if applicable
  • Fully insured and bonded
  • Technicians have been background and drug tested

Crime Scene Clean Up

If you are dealing with a crime scene or blood and body fluid clean up situation, SI Restoration would like to extend our condolences. Although we clean up after crime scene situations daily, every situation is heart breaking and sad. We understand the last thing you are thinking about is the cleaning up after a loved one or friend. Fortunately, SI Restoration is open 24 hours 7 days a week and can get an ABRA certified technician to your home or business within 2 hours.  Weather it is a murder situation, suicide, bio hazard or any type of blood spill or body fluid clean up, SI Restoration has the technicians that will assist you with respect and maturity in your time of need.

Smoke Damage

Most homeowners don’t realize that smoke particles have an average size of .04 micron in size. The smoke particles are so small that smoke can get behind cabinets, inside wall cavities and into areas that no human can reach or touch. Missing these areas can lead to smoke odor and future smoke residue that will resurface on your walls and furniture. SI Restoration has over 22 years of experience in cleaning, removing and solving smoke damage issues. Our smoke clean up team can assist you with any smoke clean up situation coming from kitchen fires, electrical fires and smoke related situations.

Blood Cleanup

Blood spills and blood clean up situations can be caused by many situations such as medical, murders and suicides. Cleaning up of blood is not as simple as taking a rag and some cleaner. Blood contains many life threatening diseases including AIDS, hepatitis , etc. One wrong move may cause you to contract the blood that you are cleaning up. SI Restoration and it’s employees are OSHA blood borne Pathogen trained and ABRA certified. Our technicians are available 24/7 around the clock to assist you in cleaning up the blood and keeping you and others safe. We also have the experience to make sure that all blood effected materials are removed to keep the area safe for home residents and employees in a building.

SI Restoration has a staff on call at all times depending on your situation and can handle a small residential restoration or a large commercial restoration. With over 22 years of experience we hope that you choose SI Restoration.

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SI Restoration services Water Damage, Fire Damage, Smoke Damage, Hoarding Clean Up, Mold Removal, Crime Scene Clean Up and Blood Cleanup in Philadelphia and surrounding states.

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SI Restoration specializes in Water Damage, Fire Damage, Hoarding Cleanup, Crime Scene Cleanup and Mold Removal.