Popular Questions about Hoarding

Popular and frequent questions about hoarding and hoarding clean up

Popular Questions On Hoarding and Hoarding Clean Up by Jeff Cohn Case Manager at SI Restoration.

Q: Jeff, I am embarrassed to tell anyone about my hoarding issue or even talk about it. How do I ask for help ( hoarding cleanup and helping to solve my hoarding issue ) without feeling embarrassed or even degraded

A: I wish I could tell you it was easy and just to get over it, but that wouldn’t be correct , sensitive or compassionate. Like any personal struggle, hoarding is an illness like any other illness. Although not curable, it is treatable.
I see countless victims of the hoarding illness get treatment by professionals and live happy lives.

When you get the nerve you can call a therapist or better find someone who specializes in hoarding. Just like you don’t go to your general doctor for a kidney transplant, you don’t go to a general therapist for treating hoarding issues.

I have a suggested list of professionals who are experts in the Maryland area. I would do research and find the therapist that you feel comfortable with. Here is a good resource for hoarding information: Hoarding Therapist List Remember these folks are here to help, not criticize and they won’t make you clean up and organize ( or hire a company ). They’ll work with you and when you are ready then you’ll know.

Q: If I call you to come out and give a free estimate on cleaning up and or organize, will you think less of me.

A: As a hoarding cleanup case manager who’s profession is organizing, cleaning and removing items from a home without being judgmental and without criticizing you. My concern is getting your home to a functional state that makes you happy.
Also, I get one on one personal training with hoarding therapist so that I can learn to understand more and more about hoarding issues.

I do know that it’s not your fault and that you can’t help it. After 47 years on this earth, I also know that everybody has personal issues that they would like to keep quiet.

Q: If we call you and eventually hire you, will you have hoarding clean up all over your vehicles. I don’t want my neighbors and or friends to find out?

A: Our vehicles are logo’s with the words “ SI Restoration “ on it. We do this on purpose to fool the outside world that we are doing reconstruction on your home. If the neighbors ask us, we tell them we are doing reconstruction work and we don’t know exactly what the actual work will detail.
Q: So after you have organized and or removed the unwanted items in the home , do you do a deep cleaning of the house, so I or my family member can start fresh
A: Yes we do. We usually wait until everything has been removed and organized and unwanted items removed before giving you an estimate on detailed cleaning. Although we do include vacuuming carpets, sweeping floors and wiping down counter spaces as part of hoarding clean up services.
Q: What do we do after your finished cleaning up and organizing the house to my specifications.
A: If you request us, we can suggest specialist on hoarding in your area. Remember that you need to ask us for suggestions in order for us to help you.

My job is to design a plan that will get you back to a functional state in your home.

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Compassionate Hoarding Cleanup Services by SI Restoration
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Compassionate hoarding cleanup services by SI Restoration offers case managers and sensitive trained technicians that make no judgments and opinions of your situation.Our mission is to bring your home back to a livable condition and help you get back to who you were.

SI Restoration services include:
1. Free estimates by a case manager that is trained in hoarding situations
2. No judgments or comments , just compassionate helpful advice
3. A written detailed plan of action of what exactly needs to be done to bring you back to a happy home
4. Unmarked company trucks that do mention what is happening
5. No conversations with neighbors or family members ( unless authorized )
6. Bulk trash removal
7. Broom swept floors and vacuumed carpets and wiped down counter spaces
8. Organizational services including storing of personal items, books, personal papers, clothes, etc.
9. Organizational products including boxes, identification tags, etc.
10. Complete janitorial cleaning after home is brought to an acceptable level to the customer.

For more information about SI Restoration, hoarding clean up and other restoration services we provide, please call us at the number at the top of the page, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or fill out our contact form.

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