Hoarding- The Cleanup after the cleanout 

Hoarding – The Clean-Up after the Clean-Out As a Hoarding Clean-Up Specialist for over 22 years (before it was even called Hoarding!), I am amazed at how many companies, that claim to be specialists, avoid the clean-up after the clean-out. Let me explain what I mean by this. It is a very difficult decision for […]

Clutter Cleaning Help 

Clutter Cleaning Options Call us at the number above to talk to a Clutter Cleaning Specialist! Clutter cleaning, or hoarding cleaning  as it is sometimes referred to, can be one of the most challenging tasks for anyone to overcome. People who have clutter issues, often function well in their work life and can hold prestigious […]

Packrat Strategies for a Rommate or Loved One 

How to Find Peace Living With a Packrat Every Wednesday is Simplicity Day on Zen Habits. Many people who try to simplify their lives and de-clutter their living spaces find that the most difficult obstacle in their quest for simplicity isn’t the clutter itself … but a significant other or roommate who isn’t on board […]

Hoarding Clutter 

Clutter hoarding does exist. Some people are comfortable with a lot of clutter in their home. Maybe they are just hoarding clutter? Most of us tolerate some level of clutter, but to effectively keep a home clean it must be de-cluttered. This is the first step to speed cleaning – pick up all the clutter. […]

Hoarding Emotions 

Anyone who’s faced a pile of clutter has also faced negative emotions – insecurity, guilt, shame, fear, and grief to name a few. It’s these difficult feelings that partially keep a clutterer stuck in a bad pattern of living. In this article, you’ll see how five negative emotions tug on the heart of a clutterer […]