Hoarding- The Cleanup after the cleanout 

Hoarding – The Clean-Up after the Clean-Out As a Hoarding Clean-Up Specialist for over 22 years (before it was even called Hoarding!), I am amazed at how many companies, that claim to be specialists, avoid the clean-up after the clean-out. Let me explain what I mean by this. It is a very difficult decision for […]

Hoarding Clutter 

Clutter hoarding does exist. Some people are comfortable with a lot of clutter in their home. Maybe they are just hoarding clutter? Most of us tolerate some level of clutter, but to effectively keep a home clean it must be de-cluttered. This is the first step to speed cleaning – pick up all the clutter. […]

Hoarding Emotions 

Anyone who’s faced a pile of clutter has also faced negative emotions – insecurity, guilt, shame, fear, and grief to name a few. It’s these difficult feelings that partially keep a clutterer stuck in a bad pattern of living. In this article, you’ll see how five negative emotions tug on the heart of a clutterer […]