Washington DC Hoarding Clean Up Issues 

Hoarding Clean Up Issues in Washington DC Sadly Washington DC has experienced it’s fair share of hoarding situations. Most would think that Washington DC would never be a place where hoarders would live. Actually it’s just the opposite. Hoarders and those with cleanup issues are for the most part are very intelligent. Educators and those […]

Hoarding Clean Up in Washington DC 

Hoarding Cleanup in Washington DC should be researched and you should take into consideration all of options when choosing a cleanup company. There are many aspects that can help to make the hoarder feel more comfortable such as trucks that aren’t marked with Junk Removal or Hoarding Cleanup, or employees who have been trained by hoarding specialists to help the hoarder.

Hoarding Emotions 

Anyone who’s faced a pile of clutter has also faced negative emotions – insecurity, guilt, shame, fear, and grief to name a few. It’s these difficult feelings that partially keep a clutterer stuck in a bad pattern of living. In this article, you’ll see how five negative emotions tug on the heart of a clutterer […]