Mold Removal Confusion 

Mold Removal Confusion in Baltimore & Philadelphia or Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Washington DC. Mold removal, mold remediation, and mold damage clean up all have the same goal. That goal is to get rid of the mildew. The term you use for removing mildew is not as important as removing the mildew correctly […]

Water Damage Tips 

WATER DAMAGE CLEAN UP TIPS When You Have WATER DAMAGE In Your Home Or Business! If you are reading this most likely you have had or have water damage in your home or business. It may be as small as a water stain on your wall (until it causes mold damage) or as large as […]

Mold Interview with Shari Solomon 

(PRWEB) November 13, 2010 — Q&A from an Industrial Hygienist: “How Do I Handle Indoor Mold Growth?” Hi everyone, it’s Jeff Cohn with SI Restoration and this month I am lucky to be interviewing Shari Solomon with Compliance Environmental International, located in Baltimore, Maryland. Shari Solomon, Esq, is an attorney and the Director […]