Mold Remediation in Maryland Counties 

Mold is a constant problem in all of the counties in Maryland. This is mainly caused by Maryland’s abundance of water that surrounds the area. The other factor is that much of Maryland is low lying even in the far western corners, the land is lower than much of the other parts of the Appalachian […]

Hurricane Flooding 

Hurricane season is just around the corner at the end of August. Hurricane season in the state of Maryland is a complete nightmare because hurricanes can develop quickly and damage hundreds of properties. This damage is primarily by the water, which can destroy people’s homes and businesses. What are the potential problems that hurricane season […]

Mold Growth After a Storm 

Storms can cause constant problems for a property owner. One of the main problems that occur after a storm caused by the moisture in the area, and that problem is mold. There are strategies to help prevent mold damage from occurring after a storm. What strategies are there to assist in determining whether or not […]

Hotel Restoration 

People are constantly coming and going within hotels, leaving behind well-lived in rooms. Hotels are no exception to damages. Various problems can occur, whether caused by man or nature. Pipes may burst, flooding may occur, mold may develop, and even fires are a possibility. Should any of these or similar problems arise, proficient emergency help […]

Pet Urine and Feces Cleanup 


Professional Urine Or Feces Clean Up One of the most dangerous bio-hazard situations a homeowner can face is pet urine and feces.  Cleaning bodily fluids can be just as important and difficult as blood cleanup.  When homeowners neglect pet urine and feces cleanup, a wide variety of health risks arise.  The overall health of a […]

How to Prepare for a Hurricane 

Hurricane Damage Preparation Tips The news is constantly bringing up the ominous “Hurricane” and people are suddenly stocking up as though it’s the apocalypse. How should you prepare for the hurricane threat? Follow these helpful steps so you and your home are equipped for what’s to come: General Preparation Know if your home is at […]

Baltimore Mold Removal 

Professional Baltimore MOLD Remediation Mold is a chronic problem in many parts of Baltimore Maryland. In the areas that comprise Baltimore, there are large rivers, streams, lakes, and the harbor of Baltimore that is affected by the tides of the ocean. With all this mention of water, a person may think how is this relevant […]

Trauma Scene Cleanup Baltimore 

Trauma Clean Up Maryland / DC SI Restoration has been cleaning up Maryland trauma scenes for numerous years and has the skills and expertise to complete the project properly. The company is IICRC certified and we follow strict guidelines to prevent spreading of the contaminated materials. Trauma Scene Clean Up is sometimes covered through insurance […]

Washington DC Sewage Damage 

Sewage Restoration Cleanup Washington DC Washington DC, our nation’s capital, like most major metropolitan areas has aging infrastructure. A result of this is sewage damage that might occur in your property. This will result in the possibility of flooding of many different properties in the District of Columbia with sewage.  And, many pipes in the buildings that […]

Thank You 

Thank You For Your Submission To SI Restoration! The SI Restoration team will respond back to you shortly, if this is an emergency situation, please call 800-356-0484 for emergency restoration assistance. Our team is ready for your water damage, fire restoration, mold remediation, crime scene cleanup or other restoration services and we want to thank […]

Biohazard Sewage Cleanup 


Maryland Sewage Bio-hazard Cleanup Bio-hazard sewage cleanup should be performed by a highly-trained, certified professional in order to ensure the safety of the affected area as well as the inhabitants of the property. Many life-threatening bio-hazards exist due to raw sewage exposure. Most porous items that come into contact with raw sewage must be handled […]

What is Mold? 

How Does Mold Grow? When people complain about seeing mold, they may not know what is mold. Often this is considered an unsightly and often a nuisance to those individuals with allergens. However, you need to look what exactly is mold to fully understand it, and why it grows in certain areas and not in […]

Crime Scene Cleanup Costs 

Cost To Cleanup A Crime Scene | Maryland Maryland crime scene cleanup costs are higher than that of traditional cleaning services. The reasoning behind the difference in price range is due to the many factors involved. The cost of re-mediating bio-hazards of a crime scene can vary case-by-case, as each situation has its own set […]

Bathroom Mold Removal 


Bathroom Mold Remediation Mold in the bathroom is one of the most common areas of a residential or commercial property to find the potentially toxic fungus. Mold is constantly present both indoors and outdoors. However, when toxic spore levels exist in greater numbers indoors as opposed to their outdoor counterparts, the potential for allergic reaction […]

What are the Most Common Spots for Mold in the Home? 

Common Spots For Mold Growth Mold is one of the pervasive infections that a home can have. As long as human’s have lived in stationary structures we have had to deal with issues of the dampness, and the elements getting into our homes, which in term breeds mold. Like a weed mold can spread throughout […]

Mold in Churches 


Church Mold Remediation Company Churches are not only a place of worship, they are a place for community, for networking, and for gathering.  No matter what religion or creed a person may belong to, their place of worship should be a safe haven for communal gatherings.  In the case of Church of the Palms Presbyterian […]

What Do I Do After a Fire? 


Questions To Ask After A Fire Damage Victims of fires both big and small can attest to the fact that fire damage is the most devastating disaster that can happen to a property owner. Victims almost immediately start asking difficult fire damage questions like, “Why hire a restoration company who specializes in fire damage?” Baltimore, […]

Frozen Pipe Damage 


Freezing Pipe Burst Baltimore Maryland and DC Winter temperatures in the Maryland / Washington DC area are known to drop well below freezing, causing severe Maryland water damage and Washington DC flood damage due to frozen pipes. Frozen pipe damage can be extremely costly to home and business owners, causing irreparable damage to properties, furniture, […]

Flood Damage Certifications 


Maryland Flood Restoration Company One of the most costly disasters a property owner could ever face is flood damage. Water damage due to flooding could cause electrical short circuiting, over-saturation of building materials like carpet, padding, drywall, insulation, plaster, and wood, and ruination of electronics, furniture, clothing, and other keepsakes in Maryland buildings. Standing water […]

How to Read Mold Test Results 


Reading the mold test report Mold testing is a vital component to ensuring that a residential or commercial property is either mold free or mold infested.  Mold tests are especially important during the sale or exchange of property, as most property inspections require full disclosure to potential buyers or future owners. For property owners, it […]