Common Causes of Water Stains on Ceilings 

Water Stain on Ceiling

If you have a water stain on your ceiling your first instinct might to be to simply paint over it, however it will probably just come back as the cause of it hasn’t been addressed. You might be only seeing a small stain and think you can delay repairs, however a water stain is the […]

Why You Can’t Delay When You Have a Water Leak 

Don't Delay Fixing Water Leak

Why are you putting off the repairs? Many of us put off repairs until we can afford them. Sometimes life gets in the way and we just don’t have the money for the repairs or our insurance deductible. The question is what is water damage doing while we save up for repairs? It may be […]

Damages of a Plumbing Leak 

Household plumbing needs to be maintained for optimal performance. If the plumbing system malfunctions, it can not only be a nuisance but can cause a ripple effect. Untreated or even undetected systematic issues (e.g. a leak) can be destructive. Waiting too long to repair broken plumbing can result in further damages (and expenses). Leaks Plumbing […]

Hurricane Flooding 

Hurricane season is just around the corner at the end of August. Hurricane season in the state of Maryland is a complete nightmare because hurricanes can develop quickly and damage hundreds of properties. This damage is primarily by the water, which can destroy people’s homes and businesses. What are the potential problems that hurricane season […]

Sewage Damage Classifications 

Sewage damage cleanup comes with a whole host of other challenges than a typical water damage cleanup. All water damage cleanups are considered emergency restoration work, but a sewage damage situation has a lot of moving parts that need to be taken care of beforehand in order to properly handle this type of situation. In […]

Preventing Frozen Pipes 

Baltimore Residents Frozen Pipe Home Issues One of the worst dangers for property owners in the winter is frozen pipes. When water freezes it expands and exerts pressure on pipes that can cause them to burst. If a pipe breaks, it can lead to significant and costly water damage that can ruin property, belongings, and […]

Baltimore Storm Damage 

Maryland Storm Restoration Storms regularly plague the Baltimore area during the fall, and what does this mean to many properties that are in the Baltimore area? Storms can create flash floods, leaky roofs, sump pump failures, and much more. Are there measures out there to protect items that may be damaged in a storm. Also, […]

Fix that Leaking Kitchen Sink 

Maryland Kitchen Sink Leak Leaks under the sink can cause a lot of damage, resulting in property water damage and even mold. Repairing your sink does not necessarily need to be a frightening process. Think you can do the work yourself? Follow this 3 step guide to make sure you do a proper DIY fix: […]

Water Damage Washington DC 

When looking to deal with water damage cleanup in Washington DC, there are a number of ways to handle the situation. Having an understanding of the water cleanup process can help you grasp what needs to be done when addressing water damage. Water damage is often problematic in the DC area, with so many of […]

Call the Plumber 

Baltimore Water Leaks Many homeowners are the do-it-yourself type of personality when it comes to minor home repairs. These individuals have a few essential tools and the knowledge for minor home repair emergencies in order to save money and avoid hiring a professional. Though this may cover minor dilemmas, major repair jobs require professional attention. […]

Flood Damage Baltimore 

Baltimore Flood Restoration Baltimore is a low-lying urban area that is in a constant danger of flooding in different parts, because of its close proximity to the water. Water and Baltimore have always gone together in many cases it was the lifeblood of the city. However, there was always constant danger of flooding that can […]

How to Prepare for a Hurricane 

Hurricane Damage Preparation Tips The news is constantly bringing up the ominous “Hurricane” and people are suddenly stocking up as though it’s the apocalypse. How should you prepare for the hurricane threat? Follow these helpful steps so you and your home are equipped for what’s to come: General Preparation Know if your home is at […]

Flood Water Extraction from Carpets 

Baltimore Carpet Extraction If you have a flood in your home, and have carpeting in that area, it would be important to extract the water from the carpet. Why would you be concerned about the carpet? Isn’t carpeting made out of the same fabric as towels and other pieces of cloth? The problem with carpeting […]

Washington DC Sewage Damage 

Sewage Restoration Cleanup Washington DC Washington DC, our nation’s capital, like most major metropolitan areas has aging infrastructure. A result of this is sewage damage that might occur in your property. This will result in the possibility of flooding of many different properties in the District of Columbia with sewage.  And, many pipes in the buildings that […]

Water Restoration in Government Buildings 

GSA Water Damage Cleanup Maryland The United States government owns and manages thousands of buildings across the country. Many of these are older buildings that need critical infrastructure replacement or are located in areas with extreme climate changes that can range from bitter cold to extreme cold. This constantly changing temperature can cause a tremendous […]

Frozen and Burst Pipes in Baltimore 

Broken Pipe Burst Baltimore Maryland With the deep freeze that occurs in the Baltimore area every winter occurring there is of great cause of concern for broken pipes in many people’s homes. What many people do not realize is that broken pipes is one of the leading causes of water damage during the winter time […]

Biohazard Sewage Cleanup 


Maryland Sewage Bio-hazard Cleanup Bio-hazard sewage cleanup should be performed by a highly-trained, certified professional in order to ensure the safety of the affected area as well as the inhabitants of the property. Many life-threatening bio-hazards exist due to raw sewage exposure. Most porous items that come into contact with raw sewage must be handled […]

Water Damage Classification Criteria 

Classifying Water Damage

Water Restoration Classification Levels Water damage would be considered a disastrous occurrence. Different types of situations might cause it to occur, and these can be from a leaky roof to a sump pump failure. These different scenarios can cause differing amounts of water damage. However, how can you determined if one situation is more severe […]

Mold Growth from Sump Pump Failure 


Sump Pump Failure Sometimes Causes Mold Maryland and Washington DC Based Water Extraction Sump pumps shoulder a large responsibility when it comes to protecting a residential or commercial property. A sump pump is a mechanical device tasked with pumping excess water away from a home or business establishment. Water from rain, melting snow, flooding, and […]

Frozen Pipe Damage 


Freezing Pipe Burst Baltimore Maryland and DC Winter temperatures in the Maryland / Washington DC area are known to drop well below freezing, causing severe Maryland water damage and Washington DC flood damage due to frozen pipes. Frozen pipe damage can be extremely costly to home and business owners, causing irreparable damage to properties, furniture, […]