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If you are reading this you probably have issues in your crawl space. This forgotten area of the house, and mostly ignored part of the home can actually create more problems inside the home if not taken care of sooner than later. The problem that most homeowners and business owners realize from the start, is that the craw space is usually a space that is very confined. Unless you have specialized training and experience, entering and working in a Crawl Space can be dangerous. These issues may include debris ( trash, insulation and god knows what ), dead animals , animal feces, live animals, bad lighting or no lighting at all, mold and mildew, sharp building materials. Let’s review each issue:


Mold and mildew are living organisms that will grow anywhere there is moisture and a food source. Food sources can be dirt, insulation and dead animals or dead insects. Crawl spaces unfortunately have plenty of these supplies. Most crawl spaces are not insulated or insulated with old outdated insulation that allows moisture in everyday of the year. Rain can easily enter into crawl spaces creating large pools of water that will stay for months. All this moisture combined with the food sources mentioned above can create large amounts of mold and mildew growth. Mold and mildew will eat through your building materials over time. The mold and mildew colonies will then find openings into your home and spread. The mold and mildew growth in your home can potentially be a health hazard especially with small children, senior citizens and those with inhumane deficiency issues.


With a large dark room with constant moisture and food sources, insects such as termites, mosquito’s, and other disease carrying flies can thrive right under your home. Hornets and bees as well can be very happy in your crawl space. The fact that inside your home has plenty of food, space, and other advantages, makes it the next stop for these insects.


Your Crawl Space is also a great place for live and dead animals to have a great home. The problem is the diseases they carry can be deadly and create long term health issues. You may think that the decaying animal bodies, the urine and the feces of the animals may not effect you upstairs in the “main house”. Actually the live animals and live insects will carry the diseases from the animal feces and the decaying dead animals and bring it into your home looking for food.


Overtime insulation becomes rotten and eventually falls apart. Add the moisture found in a crawl space and you have a huge mess. This mess also is a great place for animals and insects to live in. The insulation that has fallen down on the ground creates warmth and protection.


Trash and debris will find it’s way into your crawl space. Overtime again this trash and debris creates a great place for mold and live animals and insects to grow and survive eventually entering into your home upstairs.


Crawl spaces at times have mechanical issues that left unsupervised can lead to dangerous house fires and explosions. Most homeowners after reading this will want to attempt to inspect the crawl space themselves. This is where the danger increases. Without special training, experience and commercial lighting, untrained occupants can touch live wires, nails sticking out and contract diseases from leaky sewer pipes.

After reading the possible issues that one may face when entering into a crawl space; may lead a property owner to look for a company that takes care of these issues.

These issues are usually taken care of by crawl space clean up companies. A crawl space clean up company will take the safety precautions to make sure that everyone is safe during the clean up process.

The clean up process includes removing insulation, removing dead animals ( rats, mice and other rodents ), trash, debris, mold and any feces found in the crawl space. The result is a clean crawl space that removes most possible health issues and prevents mold growth and animals from entering your home.

The bottom line, have your crawl space clean out as this will usually solve other issues that have been happening in your home.

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