Smoke Damage Cleanup FAQs

Smoke Damage Clean Up FAQ


Questions about smoke damage restoration services after a fire damage occurs. Fires always occur at the most inopportune time. Whether large or small, fires of all sizes result in harmful smoke damage. Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about how you can handle the remediation process after smoke damage occurs in your home or commercial property.


Can I get into my home/commercial property to clean up or assess the damages?

Any time a fire occurs, it is extremely important to consult with emergency fire officials before re-entering your home or office. Smoke damage is just one of the dangers after a fire. Compromise to the structure of the building, still-burning embers, and affected HVAC appliances are just a few of the dangers one may encounter upon entering a property affected by fire damage.

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Can I use my electronic/HVAC appliances when there has been smoke damage?

Fire officials will likely be able to explain whether or not your electrical devices and/or HVAC systems have been affected by smoke damage. A professional restoration company like SI Restoration also has certified technicians on hand to provide a consultation on the appliances in your home or office. Fire and smoke experts will be able to check areas you may overlook like light fixtures, ventilation fans, and air ducts to prevent short circuiting from smoke damage.

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Does smoke damage create odors?

Yes. Even damage that has been thoroughly cleaned can cause odors long after remediation. Odors are usually conjured out of affected areas when the atmosphere is warm or damp. SI Restoration will ensure that any and all affected areas of the home or commercial property are properly restored to avoid long-lasting odors. Thermal fogging, a chemical treatment that should be handled by a restoration professional like SI Restoration, is one of the many tools that can be utilized to restore your property to its previous state before the smoke damage.

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Should I clean the smoke damage myself?

While very minor smoke damage can be cured with common household products, smoke damage remediation should be left to the professionals. If not handled properly, smoke damage can smudge into walls, wallpaper, carpeting, even change the consistency of plaster in your home or office. SI Restoration’s IICRC certified technicians will ensure that remediation is done efficiently and properly.

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How do I know what was affected by the smoke damage in my home/office?

Some common items that are often overlooked after a traumatic experience like a fire are:

  • Food – Smoke can penetrate most means of packaging. All food stored in the home should be considered for careful inspection before deciding to keep it or not. If in doubt, the item should be removed.
  • Refrigerator – the inside of the refrigerator is often overlooked after a fire, especially if no smoke or fire damage was found on the outside of the refrigerator. Carefully inspect the inside of this appliance before compromising your family’s health by storing food in a refrigerator affected by smoke damage.
  • Plants – House plants can suffer long-term effects after being exposed to smoke damage. In most cases, wiping down the plant can be helpful, along with leaving it outdoors to help regenerate affected cells.
  • Clothing – A fire may have happened in the living room or kitchen, but smoke travels much further than flames. Be sure to professionally clean all clothing that may have been exposed to smoke damage. Severe bodily reactions can occur if over-exposed to smoke-affected clothing.

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Will my insurance cover smoke damage repair?

In most cases, yes! Not only will most insurance carriers cover the restoration process of your home or office after a fire, but it will also cover the smoke damage cleaning process (including temporary re-location) while the work is being done. SI Restoration works with all major insurance carriers to ensure your satisfaction and safety stays at the forefront of the restoration project.

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Can I stay in my home/office during smoke damage cleaning?

In very few cases, yes. However, with almost any smoke damage project, our technicians will advise relocation until the cleaning is fully complete. Our technicians use protective gear including specialized clothing, boots and respirators to be sure of their safety while the job is being completed.

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For more information about SI Restoration and the fire damage, smoke damage, and other restoration services we provide, please call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the number at the top of this page or fill out our contact form.

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