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Below are a few people/companies that have submitted comments about our service's. We have included a few letters and an email below to show the satisfaction that our customers have shown.

Email to Jeff Cohn on June 5, 2013:

Hi Jeff, Just wanted to let you know that I had my first loss here at Yale Steam & your team has done an excellent job. I’m getting ready to schedule the repair with Rick in the next few days & just wanted to let you know that the experience has been great so far. Heather Gummel

Email to Mike Cohn of SI Restoration from Marjorie Cole:

Dear Mike: I want to thank you for how quickly and efficiently you took care of the replacement carpet we needed. The carpet was needed as a result of water damage from a refrigerator leak. The insurance company sent out three contractors to take care of the damages. Of the three companies that came out, S.I. Restoration was by far the most professional, courtesy and prompt company of the three. When I discovered that a small piece of trim was missing, your company stepped up to the plate to help even though the missing pieces were not your responsibility. This showed me that S.I. Restoration was willing to go above and beyond to satisfy a customer. I would definitely recommend your company to anyone that needs carpet. Thank you again for a job well done. Sincerely, Marjorie Cole
Email on March 21, 2012 to Jeff Cohn of SI Restoration from Lanita Hopkins:

Good Morning Jeff,I am just settling back into my office after being at Pinewood on "fire duty" since 3/7. SI Restoration has be doing a fantastic job. With so many apartments being affected, we had no idea how we were going to get our residents back in their homes within a reasonable amount of time. Keeping in mind that our special needs resident population can sometimes be difficult to work, especially due to the anxiety cause by this situation, your staff has made quick work of getting our restoration completed. Our residents and staff have praised the work that your staff has been able to complete in such a short period of time.Your staff of supervisors (Bob, Josh, Eric, Anthony, Jerry and Carlos) have been informative and cooperative and all of the workers have been hard working and polite. I would especially like to thank Eric for working so many hours on this project, including many 24 hour days.-Lanita Hopkins, Housing Commission of Anne Arundel County

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Water Damage Baltimore Maryland Washington DC