Why Sewage Is Harder to Clean Up Than You Think 

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Professional Sewage Damage and Sewage Backup Maryland and Washington DC Regardless of what area of Maryland or Washington DC or any state in the United States you are in, sewage backups are dangerous and repulsive. While you can attempt to do the clean-up yourself, there are health hazards and risks to consider Sewage damage victims […]

Sewage Clean Up and the Health Concerns 

If you are going to attempt to clean up sewage your self, you may want to understand the diseases that may be included in the sewage.. Diseases such as Allergic Alveolitis, Weil’s disease, Hepatitis, Occupational Asthma, Gastroenteritis and AIDS maybe found in any sewage situation including the one you see right now. These diseases will […]

How to clean up a sewage back up or sewer back up 

Sewage Damage Problems

Sewage Damage and Sewer Backup Concerns When Cleaning Servicing Baltimore and the states of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Delaware and New Jersey with Sewage Backup and Sewer Backup. Many homeowners have come home late night to hear a gurgling sound and constant  running of water in their basement. When they go to the basement they […]