What Is the Difference Between a Flood Damage and a Water Damage? 

Flood Damage and Water Damage Differences Flooding refers to a large deposit of water around a home or building, or when the ground can’t support the excess amount of water. At this point, the water will enter into a home or building and create damage. This is referred to as flood damage. On the other […]

Why Sewage Backup In A Home Is A Health Issue 

An Emergency Sewage Clean Up call came in from a home that was used as a day care center. We were called in to the home, because there was a sewage back up caused by the county sewage line that was clogged. Arriving to the home, the carpet where the children played was covered with […]

Columbia Maryland Emergency 24 Hour Services 

Water and Fire Damage, Hoarding Clean Up Mold Remediation, and Crime Scene Clean Up in Columbia Maryland For immediate emergencies 24 hours, 7 days a week call us at the number above, we are always open! Testimonials Click Here For over 21 years, SI Restoration has been assisting Columbia, Maryland metropolitan homes and businesses recover […]