What Is the Difference Between a Flood Damage and a Water Damage? 

Flood Damage and Water Damage Differences Flooding refers to a large deposit of water around a home or building, or when the ground can’t support the excess amount of water. At this point, the water will enter into a home or building and create damage. This is referred to as flood damage. On the other […]

Why Sewage Backup In A Home Is A Health Issue 

Home Sewage Backup Maryland An Emergency Sewage Clean Up call came in from a home that was used as a day care center. When accessing the sewage damage it had contaminated the room and was unsafe for the children to play in the day care center anymore. The kids were asked to go home for […]

Columbia Maryland Emergency 24 Hour Services 

Water and Fire Damage, Hoarding Clean Up Mold Remediation, and Crime Scene Clean Up in Columbia Maryland For immediate emergencies 24 hours, 7 days a week call us at the number above, we are always open! Testimonials Click Here For over 21 years, SI Restoration has been assisting Columbia, Maryland metropolitan homes and businesses recover […]