Catons Plumbing

Offers 24-hour emergency service for all your plumbing, drains, heating and cooling needs. Serves the Baltimore and surrounding counties for over 58 years.
(410) 747-2793

Len the Plumber

(410) 782-0802
Full-service Maryland licensed plumbing company that serves both residential and commercial customers.

Melroy Plumbing

(410) 747-0900
From repairing minor plumbing leaks, replacing water heaters or air conditioners, to installing large commercial rooftop systems, Melroy can help you with any plumbing, heating, cooling or hearth solution.

Spartan Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning

Plumbing, HVAC, Drain Cleaning or Commercial Grease Pumping services for the Washington, DC and the Washington Metropolitan Area including Maryland, (MD) for over 46 years.
(800) 882-0194

Mold Testing

1st American Home Inspections

1st American takes a holistic approach to Mold Testing and Inspections and leaves no stone unturned when investigating a potential threat to your health and safety. Let us put our expertise as Home Inspectors to work for you!

Mold Inspection and Testing

(855) 600-6653
The largest test only company in the country; Baltimore Mold Inspection and Testing is the number one service provider to the people of Maryland that are concerned about mold inside their home or business.


Budget Basement

Waterproofing company that provides basement waterproofing services in Baltimore, Maryland (MD).
(410) 766-0177

Value Dry Waterproofing

Value Dry is a leading basement and crawl space contractor with over 20 years of basement waterproofing experience and over 10 years of experience in crawl space encapsulation.
(888) 768-2583

Home Inspections


Home Inspections to obtain a better overview of your new or existing home.
(844) 675-8851


United Building Services, Inc.

Provides regularly scheduled standard janitorial maintenance for clients throughout the entire Baltimore – Washington Metro Area.
(410) 663-6330