Industrial Accident Cleanup

Industrial Accident Cleanup

You are working at the factory one day, and the emergency alarm goes off. Someone on the floor of the factory has been injured, and potentially hazardous bodily fluids are spilling on the floor and the machinery. What are you going to do? What are the steps that need to be taken? Moreover, who are you going to contact to solve this mess? The first step is addressing the situation.

After the victim has been removed from the area by trained medical professionals turn off the equipment if it has not been already. Next view the situation and do not touch any of the fluids in the area. You do not know how the victim was injured nor do you know if the person has any potential blood borne infections. Keep personnel away from that area to prevent them from becoming sick or infected if this injured person was infectious. Once the area has been secured contact an industrial accident cleanup company to clean up the mess.

An industrial accident cleanup company will come into the area that has been affected by the accident and secure it. Once this has been done, they will begin the cleanup process. They will remove any residue from the equipment that has been affected and sanitize it so it can be ready for use. The technicians, will then scrub down the area walls, floors, and ceilings to remove any potential residue that was left behind by the accident. What are you to look for, when you are searching for an industrial cleanup firm?

Industrial accident cleanup firms need insurance against the potential liability of the cleaning firm not doing the job properly. Also, it is important to choose a firm that has certifications in biohazard remediation techniques. This ensures that the company has all of the necessary training to handle the problems that an industrial accident cleanup situation entails. What company in the state of Maryland can handle a major industrial accident cleanup?

SI Restoration can handle all different types of biohazard cleanup including industrial accident cleanup. With over 30 years of experience doing biohazard cleanup, in the Maryland and DC areas we have the staff that can handle the type of biohazard cleanup. Working with our staff we can help solve the problems that can occur at an industrial site.

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