Problems of Hazard Cleanup

Bio-Hazard Risks in Maryland and Washington DC

Problems hazard cleanup

Biohazards can create serious problems for all parties that are present when the hazardous event took place. There are serious health risks that can be directly associated to the site where the event occurred. It is very critical that a bio-hazardous site be addressed immediately to ensure the safety of all individuals. What are the potential risks that face employees and individuals with a cleanup that are not normally a concern in a standard cleanup situation?

  • Biological Fluids: Fluids that come out of an injured individual's body are considered a serious hazard risk for people in the area. Blood can quickly transport a host of different diseases from one individual to another. Highly communicable diseases include HIV and hepatitis, which pose a serious health risk for those individuals assisting the injured or those cleaning the site where the event took place.
  • Longevity: Different pathogens may maintain their infectious qualities even after the visual signs of the incident have been cleaned. Without the proper use of chemicals and procedures being used and followed, there is still the potential of infection. A strong example of this type of infection is HIV and MRSA. HIV can survive in a syringe for up to 4 weeks. MRSA, depending on the humidity level in the environment, can live for an extended period of time, sometimes for months.
  • Improper Cleanup Procedures: If the contaminated site is not properly remediated, there is an increased risk that individuals may become infected with the biologically hazardous material. If the materials and equipment on the site are not cleaned properly, there is the possibility of people or employees becoming infected or ill.
  • Lack of Understanding: What many people do not understand is that biohazards include not only blood, but all body fluids. This includes feces and vomit. Both of these are fluids that can contain biohazardous elements. This can include influenza or other bacteria's that can cause an illness. If the area is not cleaned properly, there is the added chance that a disease can be contracted by an individual.

A full-service biohazard cleanup company can assist in the cleaning of a property. A certified company can help you in the removal of the material contaminating the residence or work site. SI Restoration has been assisting individuals and companies in biohazard cleanup in the state of Maryland and Washington DC area for over 25 years. Their expert technicians can remediate the problem and remove the waste that is the cause of concern.

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