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When there is an unexpected death in the family not caused by another person, accident or natural causes it is more likely than not, a suicide. After the act is committed it is a traumatic experience which the loved ones of the victim are in a state of shock about. However, despite their shock it is necessary for them to clean up the remnants of the victim in order for them to move on with their lives. One thing though that is of grave concern in this industry is the cost of the service itself. However why does crime scene cleanup cost so much?
suicide cleanup costs


One of the primary costs of a biohazard is the personnel. When dealing with a bio hazard situation the OSHA requirements, force a company even on smaller jobs to have two technicians on the scene. This is to protect the health and safety of the employees of the cleanup company. Also these technicians are highly trained professionals who require special training and certifications that are too be renewed every year. This is to keep themselves current on the latest techniques and cleanup methodology. Another cost that is often overlooked is the cost of transit and disposal.

When dealing with effected items such as carpeting, clothing, and even furniture they need to be broken down and disposed of. These items are required to be placed in special bio hazard containers that are standard in size and the cost of the cleanup increases for every box that is used in disposal. Also, the requirement that there are special permits and licenses for transport for these materials also drives up the price of material. You may ask whether there is help to cover these costs?

There is help for those that need it. Often your insurance carriers can help you pay for the cost of your cleanup through your homeowner policy. This is especially useful, when looking to hire a reputable crime scene cleanup company, they are used to working with insurance companies. All of the preceding factors are reasons for the differences in the cost of a suicide cleanup. It is to protect both you the consumer and the cleanup company's employees.

Suicide Cleanup Cost Breakdown:

  • Transport trauma material cost
  • Proper protective equipment cost
  • Airborne blood pathogen removal
  • Contaminated suicide blood removal
  • Proper certifications for suicide cleanup
  • Insurance to protect the staff and client

SI Restoration services the entire state of Maryland and Washington DC with suicide cleanup services. Call us today to find out more about our Suicide Cleaning qualifications.

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