Unattended Death Or Laying Around Dead Bodies

Unattended Death Clean Up

There are times when are tenants and loved ones will die alone. As sad as this maybe, what is more disturbing is the fact that no one may know about their untimely passing.

If the deceased is not discovered In time ( days, weeks and even months ) the body will start to break down and blood and bodily fluids will slowly leak from the body into the carpets, wood sub floors, drywall and other structural components of the home. Cleaning up of these fluids is not easy as many times these fluids can get into crevices and under flooring making a bio hazard even worse if not cleaned correctly.

It will also leave property managers and homeowners legally responsible if someone gets ill or dies from an illness from the body fluids not cleaned up correctly.

If the deceased past away on a bed or sofa this would lead to a greater issue in removing the sofa or bed correctly while it still has bio fluid in it.

A warning must be announced that walking into a home or apartment maybe unnerving to see the condition of the body. The odor can be unbearable without using the correct breathing apparatus. The odor can go deep into walls, furniture and other home items making it challenging to remove the odor.

If the body has been sitting long enough, the decomposed body parts and rotting fluids will attract all types of rodents,insects and fleas. It is recommended that a full body Tyvek suit should be warn to avoid contamination from the insects and fleas that be swarming around.

The problem that most individuals who enter a situation like this is preparing for any diseases that the deceased body may have. Assuming that the person who has passed away had no diseases is a bad mistake. It's recommended that anyone who handles these situations have OSHA blood borne pathogen training.

If the person or persons who are cleaning up after the unattended deaths are not trained to dispose of the body fluids and body parts may put their company as well as the homeowner and the property manager in serious legal issues.

The cleaner must understand local laws of disposing bodily fluids. It is not as simple as throwing away even the cleaning cloths in the trash. Everything that was touched or exposed by the bodily fluids must properly disposed by local and federal state laws.

Ultimately it is recommended that anyone entering an Unattended Death situation be prepared psychologically, and physically to prevent any possible diseases that may effect the person cleaning up the body fluids.

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