Mold and its Relation to Moisture Issues

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Mold is one of the most ancient organisms on the planet, and needs very little nutrients to survive. Its primary form of sustenance is cellulose material and moisture, both which are plentiful in regards to water damage. Mold is a significant problem in relation to water damage and general problems with moisture in the home. Water damage is often caused by a backup of a sump pump, a leaky roof, or a pipe bursting and Mold is often an after effect.


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When dealing with mold the general factor that seems to the creation of the problem is water. Water is a basic ingredient for mold growth. It allows for mold to travel at a rapid pace and latch on to the walls that if made of wood materials can easily provide sustenance for the mold to grow on and reproduce their spores. These spores can travel quickly through the air and therefore can spread to other parts of the home.

Here Are Parts of the Home That Can Have Consistent Moisture Causing Mold:

  • The Attic: the attic area of a home or property usually has a consistent moisture problem due to it not being well insulated, or that there is a potential for a leaky roof. This area is a prime area for mold to grow in the home due the moisture being built up in the area because it has nowhere else to go.
  • The Basement: the basement area of a home or property is a prime example of a place that mold can easily grow. Many basements have issues with moisture permeating from the soil surrounding, and with the possibility of a sump pump being in the basement it is also a problem. The moisture in this area needs to be controlled otherwise the mold will keep reoccurring.
  • The Kitchen: the kitchen area of the home often has a mold problem, because of moisture as well. With sinks and dish washers in this area of the home there is almost a constant source of moisture. Though it may not be apparent these sources can help in the producing of mold areas that are not entirely visible such as under the cabinet surfaces or behind the kitchen cupboards.

SI Restoration has the skilled crews in helping to deal with mold issues in areas where there are moisture problems occurring. We can help efficiently remove the mold problem from your property with care and precision. Our technicians will treat you in a professional manner, and this shows in the quality of their work.

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