What is Mold?

How Does Mold Grow?

Mold Removal
When people complain about seeing mold, they may not know what is mold. Often this is considered an unsightly and often a nuisance to those individuals with allergens. However, you need to look what exactly is mold to fully understand it, and why it grows in certain areas and not in others. The first place we need to look for mold growth is in darkened areas.

Mold and fungi in general are incredibly light sensitive. That is often the reason why people find the mold in the areas that are dark and moist. Examples of these spots where mold can be found are in different areas of your home that are typically more moist and dark such as attics, basements, and bathrooms. The moisture in these rooms are primary food sources for mold, despite mold being almost plant like in nature, it does not have the same chlorophyll pigments that plants have because they do not need the sun to help in food production. Also, another similarity between mold and other plant like organisms is the need for oxygen.

Oxygen And Mold Spores

Oxygen allows all living organisms the ability to exist. Mold like the other organisms need to it to exist as well, whereas other animals eat their food, and plants create their food, mold being members of the fungus kingdom absorb their food. The food that mold absorbs is cellulose in composition and the moisture helps with the breakdown of the food sources for the mold to absorb. However, like all living creatures they tend to give off waste, which is the main reason why mold is harmful.

Mold Waste and Gaseous Output

The waste that is given off by mold is often gaseous in nature and is one of the principle causes for the problems that mold creates. When mold particles and waste are breathed in they carry the toxin mycotoxin which can cause many problems for any individuals who are allergic to mold particles. The waste that mold gives off is one of the many causes for mold remediation being necessary.

Natural Mold Presence

Once remediation has occurred the mold itself is removed from the area, the individual whom is suffering from the allergens will be resolved. Mold is naturally occurring and it has been around for millions of years like many living things. When dealing with mold you need to be made aware that it maybe a nuisance and a cause for concern.

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