Why Sewage Backup In A Home Is A Health Issue

Home Sewage Backup Maryland

An Emergency Sewage Clean Up call came in from a home that was used as a day care center. When accessing the sewage damage it had contaminated the room and was unsafe for the children to play in the day care center anymore. The kids were asked to go home for the day and SI Restoration was called in to help with the sewage damage in Maryland. It was an interesting job because we knew it needed to be cleaned properly and quickly as school would be in the next day. Working through the night on the day care center sewage damage project to make sure it was finished on time for the Maryland students to start school the following day.

Sewage damage in a home is important to take care of properly as well as it could lead to the home having contaminants in it. Make sure to hire a certified company to handle your Maryland sewage situations. Sewage Backups can be caused by numerous occurrences but solving the issue is the most important issue at hand and should be completed by a professional. The homeowner can hire whatever company they feel is best and doesn't have to go with the insurance companies recommendations. Although in some cases it is advised.

The main aspects to look for when hiring a sewage restoration company are making sure they carry worker's compensation insurance, general liability insurance and an IICRC certification. The employees should work for the company and not be subcontractors so you know that your getting quality work completed by the company. These are some of the items to look for when a sewage back occurs at your home.

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