Fire and Smoke Damage Questions

Fire and Smoke Damage Questions

Fire can strike anywhere at any time. Don’t be caught in the dark about what to do when the time comes. Be prepared for a property fire. SI Restoration has answers to your burning questions for what to do after a fire:


How do I know if I need to replace an affected item or get it professionally cleaned?
Have the affected areas inspected by a licensed inspector to ensure the area is safe. Smoke contains harmful toxins that can affect your health so it is important to be wary. Items such as food should be thrown out after the insurance adjuster reviews the products. Smoke damage can be hazardous to the health of anyone exposed, so if smoke damage is present, it is important to contact a professional restoration company.


Are there health hazards of breathing in soot/smoke that is still on the walls or carpet?
The smoke/soot can be irritating to your lungs and even your skin. Soot is mainly composed of carbon and can also consist of acids, chemicals, and dust. It can impact indoor air quality. Breathing in soot particles can cause health conditions, such as coronary heart disease, asthma, and other respiratory conditions.


Can I just clean the soot myself?
If there is a minor soot problem, it is possible to clean it yourself. Wear protective gear, such as rubber gloves, goggles, and a respiratory mask to protect yourself from the dangers of soot exposure. Make sure the area is well ventilated and that you are using a safe, effective cleaner and method to address the soot. Warning: if not properly cleaned, other problems may occur.


Is a dryer fire in basement too small for a professional service to address?
If the fire was immediately put out before smoke damage could ensue, a simple cleanup can be enough to get the job done. If smoke affected the area, it is important to contact a professional because smoke can affect the air quality and potentially cause health concerns.


A fireplace fire got out of control resulting in soot on the walls and carpet; can a professional restoration company help?
Yes, since the soot can produce various dangers, a professional restoration company, like SI Restoration, can come in to sanitize and restore the affected area.


My oven caused smoke damage, can I just clean the walls?
It is recommended that you call a professional rather than attempting to remove the smoke damage yourself because if improperly completed, it can lead to further complications.


What happens if I don’t report a small fire to the insurance company and clean it up but later there is a big fire, am I covered?
When it comes to cleaning up fire damage yourself, if not properly cleaned up it may affect future claims. To be sure if you are covered or not, check with your insurance company.


SI Restoration provides restoration services in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Fire damage needs to be addressed immediately to avoid further complications, so SI Restoration is on call 24/7 to assist you with any fire damage problems you may encounter.

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