What is the water damage restoration industry?

Many people have no idea what the water damage restoration industry. They assume that when they hear restoration it means furniture restoration or historic building restoration. The water damage restoration industry actually has two meanings depending on who you talk too. The first description or meanings of the water damage restoration industry is the process to mitigate further damage after water damage resulting from rains, toilet over flows and pipe busts.

Mitigation is a fancy term that the insurance companies like to use to describe the clean up process of water damage. Mitigation also means using the clean up process to prevent further damage such as mold damage, water damage carpets, walls that become damaged. The clean up process or mitigation process should follow the IICRC S500 Guidelines. These guidelines have been developed by national and international water damage restoration clean companies for close to 50 years. These guidelines are so well followed that they are mandatory for most insurance companies and federal and state courts.

Some examples of the IICRC S500 Guidelines are :

  1. How many air movers needed per linear feet of the room
  2. How powerful and the amount of dehumidifiers needed
  3. When is a water damage room actually and completely dry.

Some companies that you may be aware of that perform these services are SI Restoration, Service Master, Serv Pro, and other IICRC certified and approved companies found on their web site.

The second description of a water damage restoration company is a company that offers both water damage clean up and drying ( mitigation ) and construction and repair. In most cases when a water damage occurs, there is a need to at least lift the carpet and remove the pad and remove the wall base to assist in drying the walls. In addition walls may need to be cut if it is a sewage job due to health concerns.

There is a need to have the repairs repaired and have the room looking in the pre loss condition before the water damage. Companies like Service Master and Serv Pro although not a rule typically do not perform repairs, but concentrate on just the clean up and drying of water damage situations.

Matter of fact many water damage restoration companies have gone from being a full service clean up and repair and construction companies to following Service Master and Serv Pro’s business model. Please beware that there are some Service Masters and Sev pro’s that perform full services as well. The question of whether a customer should choose between a water damage restoration company that only mitigates or cleans up or a company that cleans up and repairs the walls, flooring and other items is a personal choice. Some customers like the convenience of a one stop company , where all services are performed by one company and other customers are not as concerned.

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