Disinfection & Sanitization Cleaning for Coronavirus & More!

SI Restoration offers a disinfection and sanitization cleaning service where we clean rooms and surfaces with disinfectants. We provide supervision to adhere to our strict safety procedures and your building's security and safety policies.

Disinfecting and Sanitization Cleaning Service

Bacteria and Viruses can rest upon surfaces for days, risking infecting anyone who touches the surfaces or potentially spreading them to surfaces that they touch. Trying to clean the area with rags or paper towels and disinfectants can not only be inadequate by missing common areas such as the phone receiver or undersides of handles, but you can also risk spreading germs due to improper disposal methods.

We are certified and trained in biohazard cleanup and have experience of cleaning the germs from an environment. Our training and experience is only one of the reasons to hire SI Restoration for your disinfection needs. We provide documentation of our products used to ensure they won't cause issues with your equipment, environment, or the health of your residents/employees. We also provide documentation of our safety meetings regarding your project so you can see the strict procedures we follow. We also provide supervision over our technicians to adhere to your building's safety and security policies.

Project Work Process:

  1. Respond: 10 MINUTE CALL BACK, 24/7/365. You'll talk to a LIVE Project Coordinator and review a brief set of questions to assess the water, fire or other damage and suggest interim measures that may protect your property from further damage. We’ll arrive within 2 hours, or schedule another time convenient for you. On our visit we will confirm the scope of the project and provide an estimate, free of charge.
  2. Remediate: Our uniformed team of certified, insured professionals, will arrive on-time with state-of-the-art equipment and materials to get the job done right. Project Managers and Coordinators will provide daily status updates. If necessary, we will coordinate directly with your insurance company to assure a seamless and accurate claims process.
  3. Repair: After the damages have been cleaned up, SI performs a final walk through. If appropriate, moisture readings will be taken to ensure that the areas have been completed dried. SI can then provide any additional estimates for the repair of damaged areas. SI can also work directly with your insurance company to properly value the loss. No job is final until you are 100% satisfied.

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