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Mold growth in a residential or commercial property can be costly and hazardous.  Hazards from fungal growth can affect both the structural integrity of the property as well as the health of the inhabitants.  The cost of proper mold remediation can range drastically depending on the severity of the infestation and how large the property is. It is important to make sure you have the proper mold remediation company to handle your project to assure it’s completed to the proper standards.

Mold Remediation Company Cost Differences

Affordable vs Cheap Mold Removal

Maryland Mold Remediation CompanyEach removal project is unique.  Therefore, mold remediation costs are unique to each case as well.  When budgeting for a mold removal company, it is important to carefully compare mold remediation companies.  While it is important for home and business owners to find the most affordable option available, “cheap” should never be confused with “affordable.” Some mold remediation companies don’t follow the proper guidelines or obtain the appropriate equipment to remediate the mold properly.


Subcontractors vs Company Staff

Firstly, property owners must determine who on their list of residential or commercial mold remediation companies operates internally and who operates with the use of subcontractors.  While some subcontractors may or may not adhere to the proper guidelines and standards of safe mold remediation, usually prices increase if a subcontractor is involved.  In order to ensure extra fees are not associated with the project, property owners should guarantee that the company themselves are sending highly-trained, certified technicians that are directly employed by them.

Mold Remediation Certifications Needed

Certifications are necessary to ensure that safe and effective remediation is taking place in the property.  Mold remediation companies who do not possess the proper certifications may charge less for their services.  However, if the proper guidelines are ignored (like containment, negative air filtration, and the use of bio washes to eradicate mold spores) then mold will spread to other areas of the property and cause illness to those who inhabit it.

Reputable Mold Removal Company Certifications:

  • Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)
  • Compliance Environmental International, Inc. (CEI)
  • OSHA (non-government affiliated)

Though other reputable certification programs may be available, there are many certifications that do not require extensive training, testing, or renewal.  The reasons why property owners hire certified mold contractors are dependent on the validity of their training and certification.  Property owners should demand to see their mold remediation company certificates upon hiring someone for their project.

Mold testing is another factor to consider when researching a mold remediation company.  Testing for mold should not be done by the same company who offers remediation services.  For instance, the company performing both testing and remediation has complete control over the results of those tests.  Therefore, a conflict of interest is inherent.  While some mold remediation companies may advertise money saving options by allowing them to test, the entire project could be compromised by tainted test results.

Mold Exposure PPEInstead, third-party, independent industrial hygienists or home inspectors should be trusted to perform pre and post-testing for mold remediation projects.  Though these hygienists must be contracted independently and costs could be higher, accurate test results will prove what types of mold are present before remediation and if the mold has been completely eradicated after the project has finished.

Though there are many more frequently asked questions about mold, property owners will do well to follow these few simple rules while determining which mold remediation companies to trust with their project.

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