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License Laws For Mold Removal Maryland

Why did Maryland and other states make mold remediation licensed?

The question still remains. Why license mold removal contractors; and why haven’t some states required mold contractors to be licensed. With the restoration industry getting competitive and the profit becoming less with all the licensing, why add more regulations to the industry. The reasoning is to make the consumer safe by providing safeguards that prevent mold testing companies from doing mold removal and vise versa. This helps to prevent a mold testing company or remediation company from saying you have mold when you don’t just to be able to do another project which would cost thousands of dollars. SI Restoration doesn’t do any testing or inspections of mold because we strictly do the removal and remediation of mold in Maryland and Washington DC.

What is required for Maryland Mold Remediation Contractor licenses.

  • Insurance– There is a requirement for the mold removal or mold remediation companies. That may sound easy as long as the company has the minimum amount of insurance required which in many cases is a minimum of a million dollars. But this general contractor insurance does not cover for mistakes made while performing mold removal. It only includes mistakes like a contractor burning the house down and ruining the hard wood floors.

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The other insurance requirement is a policy called an “ Environmental Pollution Control “ policy. This is the most important insurance required by mold removal companies. This policy protects the contractor and you the consumer if the mold remediation is not successful or creates greater problems due to poor workmanship. You may think a mistake doesn’t happen to the professional, but even the best of the best make mistakes.

One more thing before we move on. Don’t believe a contractor when they say “ don’t worry Ms./Mr. we have plenty of insurance. The only way to prove that a contractor has current updated insurance is to request a certificate of insurance from them. Without a current certificate of insurance from them, you might as well be hiring a contractor who is uninsured.

  • Separate mold testing from mold removal companies– There are many mold removal testing companies that also perform mold remediation services. In theory it seems to make sense. Why not hire one company to perform both services saving time ( you don’t save money, because you will be charged for both services ).

The reason that some states require that each service ( mold testing and mold removal ) be performed by different companies, is a simple term called “ a conflict of interest “. The concern is that the mold removal company will “ trick the results “ therefore creating a bigger problem. Another concern is that the mold remediation service will not correctly take samples in a EPA suggested way based on American Industrial Hygiene Association regulations. Now if you ask a company that performs both services, they will mention that they just take the samples and then send them to an independent lab therefore taking away any concern of a conflict of interest. The problem of incorrectly or manipulating the samples comes into question.

The question becomes; who should you hire to take mold test samples and get results that you can trust.

The answer depends on what level of trust you want. If you are being sued ( or worried that you are being sued ) than you need to consider contacting a Certified Industrial Hygienist CIH . A CIH has a high degree in biology and has gone through the exams to prove to the state that they are competent to take samples and interpret those samples. In court a judge will take these readings versus a “ mold tester” that went to a 3 day school and received a certificate of completion. Now this doesn’t mean you have to use a CIH or even an IH ( without the certification ).

You can use a mold tester or home inspector that tests for mold. There readings will give you a good indication that you have or not have mold and what kind/s of mold are present. They can also tell you what level of mold spores you will have just like a CIH. The choice between these two levels is how important the readings are to you and how will the findings effect you legally and health wise.

  • Do you really know the Maryland mold removal workers in your house?    Another condition of mold remediation in accordance with Maryland mold remediation licensing is the concept that the workers and even the owners of the company cannot have legal issues like criminal records. Most states require yearly renewals that check for owners and employees criminal records. Imagine if one of the workers was a thief checking out your house or even worse a sexual predator.

There are more and more conditions for mold remediation licensing which are not there to be a pain, but are there to protect the consumer from being either ripped off or even worse like having your loved ones harmed from the mold.

Even if your state doesn’t have laws on mold remediation, you may want to learn from the other states on what to look out for when hiring a mold removal company. Many states are becoming strict on the guidelines and regulations of mold because so many companies are not completing it properly. Maryland’s Mold Remediation Laws are on hold because the current budget cannot afford to regulate the law at this time but they know that there is a need for regulations and procedures for removal and testing.

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