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Crime Cleanup Cost
Maryland crime scene cleanup costs are higher than that of traditional cleaning services. The reasoning behind the difference in price range is due to the many factors involved. The cost of re-mediating bio-hazards of a crime scene can vary case-by-case, as each situation has its own set of unique circumstances. Some factors that determine the final cost include:

  • Disposal Costs
  • Insurance
  • Cleaning

Certain constituents need to be disposed of in a particular way due to the potential dangers involved. Items that have come in contact with bodily fluids (blood, for example) are considered contaminated materials and need to be handled with care. Such materials cannot simply be recklessly handled and tossed away without meeting certain guidelines and practices. Doing so may expose people to the materials and potential hazards, such as dangerous bloodborne pathogens, diseases, etc. Proper licensing is required for the transportation of such contaminated items to an OSHA certified facility in order to properly remove the threatening elements from the scene and preserve the safety of all who may be exposed to the affected area.

Crime Scene Costs

Another factor in crime scene cleanup costs is insurance. Since blood is considered a hazardous, toxic waste, the company is liable for the technicians employed to remove the waste. It is crucial for the employees and company to be prepared for the risks of such threatening conditions, and SI Restoration makes sure to meet the proper licenses, certifications, training, and insurance in order to maintain the well-being of our employees. The costs of the actual cleaning differ from those of a traditional cleaning service because the actual cleaning materials and techniques differ as well. Cleaning dust and dirt drastically differ from cleaning the bio-hazards of a crime scene. Simply wiping away bodily fluids with a paper towel will not effectively sanitize the affected area. Specialized cleaning products are required to efficiently sanitize the scene. The area must also be thoroughly cleaned and all materials safely and properly disposed of upon completion. Most materials used for the crime scene cleanup cannot be reused for other cleanup jobs and must be disposed of just as meticulously as the materials that were removed from the scene.

These three components as well as other factors (number of rooms affected, level of damage, other complications, etc.) influence the overall cost to clean up a crime scene. Crime scene cleanup is a dangerous but necessary task to sanitize and restore the scene as well as preserve the safety of anyone who may come in contact with the area. It is crucial to take the proper precautions when addressing the bio-hazardous conditions of a crime scene. Crime scene cleanup costs can vary depending on the circumstances involved in the situation, but knowing the various influences of the costs involved will help give you an idea of how the pricing was determined.

If you come across a situation that requires specialized crime scene cleanup in Baltimore, Washington DC or anywhere in Maryland, contact SI Restoration. The trained, qualified professionals at SI Restoration are available 24/7 to help with emergency services.

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