Mold Growth from Sump Pump Failure

Sump Pump Failure Sometimes Causes Mold

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Sump pumps shoulder a large responsibility when it comes to protecting a residential or commercial property. A sump pump is a mechanical device tasked with pumping excess water away from a home or business establishment. Water from rain, melting snow, flooding, and other water damage related disasters can seep through a building's foundation into a sump basin or other area where standing water is distributed to the pump. If the sump pump becomes overwhelmed with excessive water or becomes non-operational due to malfunction then catastrophic flood damage can occur.

Flood damage in and of itself is extremely dangerous to the structural integrity of a building. However, when standing water is not addressed for 48 hours, another catastrophic disaster can occur in the residential or commercial property. Toxic mold growth can cripple a building's infrastructure while causing a variety of health risks to the occupants of the building. Professional and thorough mold remediation services are necessary in order to remove the threat of mold within the home or business.

While most professional residential and commercial mold remediation companies can provide an estimate with visual observation of mold growth, it is always recommended that a third-party, independent industrial hygienist or home inspector provide a thorough test of the affected property. Independent hygienists and inspectors offer an unbiased look at just how aggressive the mold growth has become in a property. Their inspection and test results can provide a detailed scope of work for a remediation company to follow in order to attain a successful post-test.

One of the many mold questions is, "Why is it so important to have an independent mold inspector?" Having a residential or commercial property tested by a third-party is crucial to the integrity of the mold remediation project. Having an independent test will eliminate the opportunity for a conflict of interest with the test results. What this means for the consumer is that test results will be complete and honest - providing the property owner with peace of mind in knowing whether or not extensive remediation has to be done or not. If a remediation company provided the test themselves, the results can be tampered with in order to benefit the company providing the work. Hiring an independent firm for testing eliminates that possibility.

Finally, hiring a certified mold remediation specialist like SI Restoration is key to ensure the job is done right the first time. SI Restoration follows strict guidelines for mold removal and water damage by adhering to the IICRC S520 and S500 guidelines respectively. With IICRC Certified Technicians completing the job, home and business owners can rest assured that their property is in good hands. It is highly recommended that property owners carefully research their mold removal company in order to ensure the technicians are properly trained and certified. Removal guidelines for mold in Maryland, Washington DC, and other states in the Mid-Atlantic require extensive training in order to be effective and safe.

When dealing with a sump pump failure, call SI Restoration to remove the water damage and make sure mold doesn't grow by drying out the area with the proper equipment and following the IICRC guidelines. Have sump pump flooding? Call us today for more information.

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