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Sewage damage may potentially be the most harmful and dangerous substance that can be found in a building. Sewage contains fungi, bacteria and viruses. Among these viruses are Hepatitis, HIV, and AIDS. Many victims of sewage damage believe that the waste distributed among the affected areas belong only to the occupants of that particular building. When, in fact, the waste could potentially belong to an entire community of people and animals, exposing the victims to various unknown risks which could prove to be deadly.

The IICRC states in its S500 Guidelines regarding water / sewage damage that, “Highly absorbent sewage-saturated materials, such as carpet, pad, upholstery, bedding, wicker, paper or even fabrics that cannot be washed in hot water (at least) 130 degrees F/54 degrees C for at least 10 minutes, must be contained and disposed of properly. This goes for sewage-saturated drywall, insulation  and other structural materials.”

Sewage Damage Services Include


All hydroscopic materials (carpet, furniture, fabrics, paper, etc.) will be contained and removed


Obtaining the proper and most up to date sewage equipment


Following IICRC guidelines to ensure safe procedures


Deep cleaning, using OSHA and IICRC approved chemicals


Certified and trained sewage cleanup staff

Sewage ExpertsSewage damage should never be taken lightly. Should insurance not cover the damage caused by a sewer backup, families and small businesses should consider paying out of pocket to ensure all IICRC guidelines are met. In the end, the health and safety of inhabitants of affected properties is what matters most.

In most cases, many major insurance companies do and should cover sewage cleaning services and the restoration of the home or building. SI Restoration is accepted by many major insurance companies and works with them to obtain the best possible replacement items for your home or building. Our professional and expert technicians can help to alleviate the water restoration issue that is of concern and will bring it back to a condition which it was before the damage occurred.  Call us for more information on our sewage damage services.

SI Restoration offers sewage damage for Maryland and District of Columbia.

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