Water Damage Repair

Burst Pipes, Basement or Roof Leaks, Flooding from storms? SI Restoration’s certified water mitigation technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to remove excess standing water, including sewage and mud.

Most homeowners and Property Managers pride themselves on maintaining their properties and pay special attention to preventative measures.  However, issues may arise such as burst pipes, water heater leaks, broken sprinkler heads, toilet overflows, or intense storms that will create water damage and require professional water extraction. The water extraction step removes the majority of the water from your home or property. We use powerful pumps and commercial vacuum units to quickly remove gallons water from your property.  

Water may find its way through small holes, and/or cracks.  It may run down walls and seep underneath carpet, and often may flow to floors below.  If the walls have insulation, it may act like a sponge and hold the dampness for weeks or even months at a time.  To ensure that all affected areas have been discovered, in addition to visually following the path of the water, SI Restoration uses a moisture meter to measure the extent of the moisture in most materials to provide accurate and reliable readings.  We never assume that just because something is not visibly wet, doesn’t mean the moisture isn’t present.  Thorough water extraction helps reduce the drying time and helps to prevent mold and secondary water damage.

Once wet items have been removed, furniture protected, raised on blocks and/or moved, and, if necessary, carpeting and padding pulled back or removed, and the water has been extracted, the next step is to bring in commercial air blowers and dehumidifiers to dry all of the areas were there was standing water.  SI Restoration prides itself on accurately estimating the number of equipment pieces and the length of time it will take to properly dry the affected area(s).  It’s important to remember that a Wet/Dry-Vac and household fans may not be efficient enough to completely dry the area.  When incorrectly treated, secondary issues such as mold growth, odors, and damages to walls and flooring may occur.

SI Restoration was by far the most professional, courtesy and prompt company of the three companies that came out. Thank you again for a job well done.

Marjorie Cole

Water damage may affect your belongings, like furniture, clothing, and personal items.  SI Restoration will clean restorable items using a number of specialized cleaning techniques, and also sanitize with antimicrobial treatments and remove odors using industrial air scrubbers and fogging equipment.

Sewage Damage can happen anywhere, at any time.  Our certified staff is equipped to handle the smallest of homes to the largest commercial or industrial properties.  Exposure to sewage can cause cross-contamination to unaffected areas as well as serve health and safety hazards.  When sewage damage occurs the premises should be evacuated immediately and allows SI’s certified technicians to being work immediately.

Following strict guidelines outlined by the IICRC, most carpeting, furniture, flooring, upholstery and other common items must undergo an extreme sanitation process before being deemed acceptable to return to their normal locations or use.  After completion of the sewage damage clean-up, a third-party industrial/environmental hygienist provides their unbiased post-remediation verification that the property and/or items are free of contaminants. 

Additionally, SI Restoration is available to restore your property back to its pre-loss condition. The restoration step can be relatively simple, such as replacing a few drywall panels, and molding, or may require major reconstruction, such as rebuilding or renovating entire rooms.

SI Restoration is well organized, and well equipped to handle your home or business’s water damage in an efficient and courteous matter.  The company has the newest and most efficient drying equipment which will make the project go quickly and reduce the cleanup involved.  The company’s long history in the water restoration industry makes us accepted by all major insurance companies including USAA, Hartford, Metlife, Amica, Safeco and more.

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