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Baltimore Water Restoration

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Maryland residential and commercial property owners can experience water damage due to many unforeseen circumstances.  Water damage in Maryland can happen due to:

  • Severe Snow Storms
  • Flooding and Water Damage
  • Burst Pipes and Leaky Faucets
  • Toilet/Sink/Tub Overflows
  • Sewage Damage and Backup

Maryland Water DamageWater damage in Maryland must be addressed immediately for many important reasons.  Firstly, water damage that has not been dried within 24 hours could spawn mold growth in the property.  Mold grows when its spores, or seeds, find moist, dark, humid areas to grow.  Mold thrives by eating away at any organic, porous materials.  These materials can include carpet, padding, drywall, insulation, wood, furniture, boxes, and many other household and office items.

Water Damage Treatment

If not treated immediately by a water damage service provider, Maryland residents can also experience warping, saturation, and ruination of materials and objects in the property.  This can cause severe structural damage.  Structural integrity is key to the safety of families, colleagues, and customers that use residential and commercial properties on a regular basis.

Water Restoration Preparation

Property Owners in Maryland must be sure to prepare accordingly for the arrival of water damage service technicians for a safe and effective water extraction and restoration process.  Before a restoration team can arrive on the scene, the source of the water or moisture must be handled first.  For plumbing and sewage issues, a licensed plumber must be contacted to stop water from continually flowing into the property.  If a severe storm or flooding has caused the damage, the storms must cease and flood waters must subside in order for a team to properly remediate the damage.

Maryland property owners must also understand the importance of turning off electric to the affected area.  Especially in areas of the home or business where flood damage service providers will be working, any electricity should be shut off via the property‚Äôs circuit breaker.  If the circuit breaker is located in the affected area, home or business owners should contact a licensed, certified electrician immediately as many fire hazards could be present.

Finally, ensuring that drains are properly cleared is a very important task to accomplish before the arrival of water damage restoration experts in Maryland.  If debris or other objects are obstructing drainage, standing water is harder to extract.  If possible, remove the items immediately.

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