Blood Cleanup

Blood Clean Up

SI Restoration offers Blood Cleanup,  24 hours 7 days a week. Our technicians can be dispatched and arrive in most cases within 2-3 hours. They are trained to follow local laws involving blood cleanup and blood spill removal. SI Restoration is also trained in cleaning murders, suicides, decomposing bodies, and general bodily fluid cleaning situations. SI Restoration is a proud member of  NOVA the National Association Of Victims Assistance.

Blood cleanup whether it involved blood spill, murder, suicide or unattended death situation is covered under most insurance company policies. Most insurance companies do cover blood cleaning, but you won’t find it mentioned in your policy. As a service, they will pay for professional certified companies that specialize in blood cleaning.

SI Restoration is accepted by all Insurance companies including USSA, Hartford, Metlife, Amica, Safeco. The company follows all OSHA regulations and standards and has EPA certified disinfectants for all of our jobs. The company works with all state and local government agencies and even trains local government agencies in correct blood cleaning procedures and disposal procedures.

SI Restoration offers ten minute response from your after hours phone call. Our trained professionals arrive in 2-3 hours to the home or business to cleanup a small or large blood removal project. Blood Cleanup should be handled with a qualified and reputable company which is why we suggest that you look up the company in BBB or another reputable organization. Also looking at the companies testimonials and making sure they are insured will help to have a smooth blood cleanup situation.

Servicing the following Blood Cleanup Emergencies:

  • Murder Clean Up
  • Suicide Clean Up
  • Unattended Death Cleanup
  • Trauma Clean Up
  • Any type of blood and body fluid spills. etc.

Many homeowners and business owners will think about cleaning up the blood themselves to save money and time. Sadly no one thinks about the diseases such as hepatitis , AIDS,  and other life threatening diseases. Many who attempt to perform blood cleanup, become easily infected by cutting themselves with carpet tack strips, cutting up blood stained materials, moving blood stained mattresses, etc. Just one mishap or mistake can cause a life time of misery.

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