Biohazard & Crime Scene Cleanup

SI Restoration’s biohazard cleanup technicians are certified and trained to handle potentially infectious materials such as body fluids and blood, and ensure the proper handling of crime or other trauma scenes.

For Homeowners and Property Managers, a biohazard, crime or trauma scene was the last situation they were prepared to handle.  Family members, friends or employees who try to clean blood, body fluid, human tissue, decomposing bodies, hypodermic needles, etc. find this task either physically or emotionally overwhelming.  Additionally, cleaning after scenes such as these, expose the “cleaning person” to the hazards associated with blood, tissue and decomposition byproducts.  When not correctly cleaned, the affected area may spread contaminants and exposure of pathogens to themselves and others.

Compliant with OSHA requirements, SI Restoration’s technicians are equipped with the appropriate protective equipment, and cleaning solutions to clean and/or remove and properly store the biohazardous waste in properly marked containers for disposal at an approved site. 


Crime scene cleanup involves a careful assessment of the situation to determine the best way to remove effected items. 

Items such as carpet, walls, flooring, furniture, wallpaper, etc. are removed and disposed in proper red biohazard bags and disposed of at a federal and state regulated site.  Using a dumpster is against the law.  State and federal laws require records of who disposed of the items, and where they are stored for a minimum of 30 years.

SI Restoration takes every precaution to make sure that the victims feeling and needs are taken into consideration.  To be unnoticed, we will arrive at the crime scene cleaning site in either an unmarked vehicle or other service vehicle and in plain clothes.  Our technicians are trained to retrieve and dispose of any crime related biohazard that the coroner may have left.


Whether it involved blood spillage, murder, suicide or unattended death, blood cleanup is covered under most insurance policies. 

Although it typically doesn’t specifically mention biohazard cleanup in many homeowner policies, it is the practice of some to cover these incidents.  We will work with your insurance company to help determine and obtain coverage for the cleanup.  SI Restoration is accepted by all insurance companies including USAA, The Hartford, Metlife, Amica, and Safeco.  The company follows all OSHA regulations and standards and uses EPA certified disinfectants for every job.  We work with all state and local government agencies and even train local government agencies in correct blood cleaning and disposal procedures.

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