With an array of Specialty services, SI Restoration has the resources to help you clean, protect, and repair your property.

Board Up

If you property is left vulnerable from a fire, break-in, or from other unforeseen accidents, such as broken windows or glass doors, SI Restoration is available 24/7 to properly secure your property.  Boarding up your property can prevent unwanted intruders, or someone unknowingly entering and getting injured.  In an emergency, many states and insurance companies require boarding up your property.  Our board  up services are used by Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Municipal properties.  SI’s team can handle a shattered small glass patio door to a large commercial property affecting multiple floors or buildings.

Non emergency board up services are also available.  If you have to vacate your property due to long-term travel, temporary moving, or remodeling, you may want to consider boarding up your property to protect it from intruders.  Protection from potential storm damage is also possible.


Even the smallest leak, can create a much larger problem.  Water between walls, wet insulation, damp carpet and padding, over time may cause material damage and even create microbial growth.  SI Restoration’s tarping service will ensure property tarp installation, protecting your property from additional loss.

Emergency tarping is available for properties affected by fire, construction mishaps, or other damage from storms or fallen trees.

Clutter, Filthy, Hoarding Clean up

SI Restoration’s sister company, Address Our Mess specializes in the nuances of all types of property cleaning.

  • Clutter Clean up

    There are many specialties that Address Our Mess deals with on a daily basis and Organization and Sorting is one of the most important aspects to keeping a home or building clean. Address Our Mess not only comes in to clean they also help you go through the items and sort through all the unwanted items and all the items that you feel you want to throw away or give to charity.

  • Hoarding Clean up

    Trained, compassionate team members knowhow to relate and treat a hoarder. Hoarding Clean Up is a serious issue.  Dealing with the hoarder and their family is the first priority. With additional professional help AOM takes time to discover why they have become a hoarder and to understand why it is important to solve the hoarding issue.

  • Pet Hoarding Issues

    Feces and pet urine can be dangerous hazards to anyone’s health and animal conditions can be very severe. AOM’s team has the proper training to mitigate potential health problems for everyone involved.

  • Valet Trash

    Your residents expect certain service standards from your community and preserving those standards is Address our Mess’ number one priority. Their door-to-door pickup service and bulk trash removal provides one of the most successful and sought-after amenities that ensures your property, free of debris and cleaner hallways, is attractive to current and potential residents.

  • Junk Removal

    Whether the junk piles are small or large, Address our Mess can bring a truck for a small pick-up of a few items or come with a dumpster and take away half your home or business.  The company works seven days a week -  yes they are open on Sundays! Just leave a message and they will respond back to you as quickly as possible.

  • Estate Clean-out

    Estate Cleanout services and Estate Preparation Management services can be handled by our team of experts who specialize in homes which need just a large cleanup or a full estate preparation provider. Speak to our estate cleanout team today to see how we can help you.

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