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  • 24-hour, 7 days a week board up of windows and doors.
  • Immediate deodorization pertaining to the fire restoration project.
  • Fire residue clean up using only IICRC accepted methods to remove soot and smoke odor.
  • Insurance approved fire damage estimating.
  • Experienced in Maryland water damage from putting out the fire.

The company has been in business since 1989 and is a premier fire restoration company in Maryland and Washington DC. Our IICRC Certified and trained technicians have the experience to remove soot and odor from fire damaged materials. SI Restoration has also been trained since 1989 to save damaged materials that were previously thought to be ruined.

fire damage maryland

SI Restoration has a long history in the fire restoration industry, the company is accepted by all major insurance agencies including USAA, Hartford, Metlife, Amica, and Safeco just to name a few. SI Restoration is also used by well known property management companies as American Community Management, Residential Realty, Wentworth Properties, Brodie Management, Copt Management, WH Campbell and many others.

Baltimore Market Includes: Annapolis, Catonsville, Columbia, Ellicott City, Govans, Lutherville, Tomonium, Morrell Park, Mt. Washington, Roland Park, Waverly but for a full list of locations please see our Locations.

Fire Damage Tips:

  1. Never use canned goods or products that were near a smoke or fire damaged areas.
  2. Never turn on appliances near the area as the appliances could be wet or damaged.
  3. When washing clothes and garments always make sure they are sent to a professional who knows that they have been in a fire or smoke situation. The smoke odor could remain permanent if not washed properly.
  4. Before washing any cabinets or walls, please speak with a professional such as SI Restoration.
  5. If your electricity is turned off for a regular period of time, please remember to throw away all items in your freezer and refrigerator.
  6. Be very careful where you step, you don't know what was effected and how sturdy each part of your home is presently.

Fire can occur at anytime and for a number of different reasons including cooking and heating equipment. These two types of house fires are the most common types which cause larger fires and sometimes fatalities in a home. When cooking, always use caution and have safety measures in place to prevent a fire from occurring in your home. Things such as child locks on the oven to prevent a child from turning it on or anti-tip levers for the oven in case someone bumps into it or an animal or child tries to tip over the oven. In most states, it's required to have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen, make sure to have it updated and available because it's the area which is most likely to cause a fire.


The second leading cause of a house fire is the heating equipment which can malfunction or overheat. Although newer units have many additional safety requirements and protections, this is still the second leading cause for a residential fire damage claim. From a major home heating unit to a personal heating unit to warm up a particular room. In many cases, homeowners purchase a small unit to keep them warmer in a certain room or area and don't follow proper safety precautions or are unaware of the how to properly set up the heating unit.

Fire Damage

Other items that expose risk to fires are candles, although many candle fires can be put out quickly and with the extra caution put into making candles and the candle holder, it is rarer to see a larger fire restoration from candles. Smoking cigarettes is also a cause for fire damage, stay healthy and this would not happen as much. Although smoking is a habit and many people still smoke today but are also aware of the dangers of a lit cigarette which makes this lease likely a reason for a fire damaged home. Electrical and Lighting also causes issues in a home for fire damage as some homes have old and outdated electrical systems. Many states require updated electrical during home inspections when selling or buying a home. Although there are still many outdated electrical systems in place today.

One issue that is rising in claims is the washer and dryer fires which typically occur from lint or dust in the dryer. Many dryer manufacturers take this into consideration and try to build a dryer which reduces this risk but while also keeping it low cost it's something that you want to pay close attention to as the build up can happen quickly. Washers, the fire hazard is usually the wire or cable insulation which causes the fire. Every 5 to 10 years, you should hire an appliance inspector to inspect the washer wire and cables to make sure they are intact. Between the washer and dryer, the dryer causes about 92% of the claims in the marketplace so beware of the lint.

Children playing with fire is another hazard so please protect your children and make sure to teach them about how fire is started and what the causes are of fire. This could prevent a future fire hazard or fire damage in your home because a child is very curious and likes to try new things. Especially during the holiday time when Christmas trees are lit and someone can plug in to many outlets to an extension cord to cause a fire very easily. Although there are less than 500 Christmas tree fires a year, we'd like to see that at 0. These are some precautions to take for a fire restoration, if you have a situation or fire damage, call us to find out how our fire restoration team of experts can help.

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