Suicide Clean Up

Baltimore Suicide Help in Maryland

Our team of experts is ready to handle almost any situation with biohazard remediation in Maryland and the District of Columbia. SI Restoration has been servicing clients since 1989 and is well respected in the restoration profession. Our crews are top notch and the company has the proper insurance for a suicide remediation.

With 24/7 emergency services for your Suicide Cleanup and IICRC certified  staff we have the training to properly cleanup the body. Our staff is in-house which means you are not calling a marketing company, when you call us, one of our employees comes to your home. This is a hard situation to be put into and we take that seriously. When you call SI Restoration, we have a 2 hour guarantee of arrival of our technicians after your initial phone call to begin the cleaning. The expertise of our IICRC trained staff has over 100 years combined experience in Suicide Cleaning and any type of bio hazard (blood and body fluid) clean up.

Suicide Cleanup

SI Restoration's 22 year history in the Suicide Clean Up industry, SI Restoration is accepted by all insurance companies including USAA, Hartford, Metlife, Amica, and Safeco. Some insurance companies may not list this type of incident in their policy but many cover blood cleaning services.

When searching for a suicide cleaning company, check to make sure they are rated well on BBB and they have testimonials of past customers that have shown they have the experience and skills to accomplish the task of cleaning up after a suicide. There are many types of bio hazard cleaning services that we offer such as trauma clean up, crime scene clean up, blood cleanup and many others but on every job we make sure that it is completed to your satisfaction.

Suicide cleaning in Baltimore, Maryland and Washington DC have certifications that every company doing the clean up needs to be certified to legally do the work. The company should also be trained by a reputable company such as the IICRC. When doing the work, the employee should be trained and knowledgeable in cleaning up blood and other bodily fluids.

When dealing with a suicide clean up, always look to make sure the company you hire is a local company with a local office because there are many "National" companies or "Marketing" companies which promote they are certified but give the job to someone who is not certified or company in the industry and try to inflate the bill to charge for items not needed. There are many people who use these companies but once you receive the bill it's too late to change your mind. Always try to get pricing, even through it depends on many factors, you can add it up in your head and it is typically between $1,000 - $5,000 for a home clean up but should not be $40,000 or more. Sometimes the insurance company will cover the cost of suicide clean up so you may want to call your insurance company first. You can also use whichever contractor you want and don't have to go with the insurance companies recommendation.

For more information about SI Restoration services, visit our Services page or call us anytime for your emergency clean up situation.

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