Commercial Restoration

Large Loss Emergency Damage Team

Emergency damage services offered in Baltimore, Washington DC and all of Maryland for mold remediation, water restoration and fire reconstruction projects. Maryland has many unique situations that can occur with water, fire and mold in office buildings and multi story high rises in the city of Baltimore.

Large Loss Water Damage

Commercial Water Damage

When dealing with a water extraction or restoration situation, it's important to have a plan in place and companies who are certified, trained but most importantly have the proper equipment to complete the project. Many smaller restoration companies don't have the expensive $10,000+ equipment because it's costly to buy but for large loss removal projects it is usually required to complete the job properly.

Without having enough extraction equipment on hand at two clock in the morning creates not only a difficult situation, but it also creates a frustrated property manager. Most cleaning services and carpet cleaners are not equipped with heavy duty extraction equipment. Property managers and building engineers want to get things cleaned up before the tenants arrive. Non trained clean up companies will actually drag on the process due to lack of preparedness and little actual experience. Although this may be a difficult task, well organized and well equipped water damage restoration companies have years of commercial water damage experience and like a well trained army can create a well managed situation to complete the project in a shorter time.

Emergency Fire Damage Response

Commercial Fire Restoration

Fire Restoration can create a challenging situation with the soot and smoke damage to the building. Fires tend to spread quickly and a property manager or business owner may not have a lot of time to complete all the necessary tasks to make sure the fire reconstruction and cleanup go smoothly. Large loss fire can happen to any business or government building but SI Restoration is GSA Approved for fire, water and mold services and can handle any government building such as schools, libraries, court houses, police stations and other government facilities.

The company has completed work on Independent School Districts, Universities, Churches, Malls and many other large loss facilities that need emergency restoration work completed by a certified and trained large loss provider. SI Restoration is a premier emergency service provider in Maryland and Washington DC for fire damage claims and projects.

Commercial Mold Remediation

Commercial Mold RemediationSI Restoration realizes that mold remediation issues are a top priority to reduce overall risk and making sure they are taken care of properly is very important. Time is of the essence to make sure the business can run back to it's normal conditions as quickly as possible to prevent lost revenue from a large mold remediation project. Our team of mold experts comes with numerous years of experience with larger remediation projects and how to properly set up the project and move quickly through the remediation process while maintaining a high level of detail for the project.

The company has worked on large buildings and areas such as basketball gymnasiums, indoor soccer fields, church's, municipal buildings and other large areas which take time and the proper mold removal equipment to complete the job correctly. Companies should maintain a high level of detail when doing a mold remediation project because containment of the mold spores is important in preserving the area and eliminating the mold.

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Handling Emergency Projects For:

  • Hotels, Motels, Inn's and Bed and Breakfast
  • Local Restaurants and Chain Restaurants
  • Condominiums and Apartments
  • Hospitals and Medical Facilities
  • High Rise Buildings and Large Office Spaces
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Buildings
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