Water Damage Washington DC 

When looking to deal with water damage cleanup in Washington DC, there are a number of ways to handle the situation. Having an understanding of the water cleanup process can help you grasp what needs to be done when addressing water damage. Water damage is often problematic in the DC area, with so many of […]

Mold Removal at the Federal Level 

Federal Mold Remediation GSA Approved The United States Federal government, may seem like an all-powerful organization. However, one problem that is not dissuaded from taking on the federal government is mold. Mold is nondiscriminatory towards any type of group or government, and this includes our federal government. That is where there is a need for […]

Mold and its Relation to Moisture Issues 

Moisture and Mold Problems? Hire A Professional Mold Removal Company Mold is one of the most ancient organisms on the planet, therefore it needs very little in regards in the way of nutrients to survive. Its primary form of sustenance is cellulose material and moisture, both which are plentiful in regards to water damage. Mold […]

Suicide Cleanup Costs Maryland 

Estimating A Maryland Suicide Cleanup Project Certified, Insured, Bonded, Background Checked and Licensed in the State of Maryland For Trauma Cleanup When there is an unexpected death in the family not caused by another person, accident or natural causes it is more likely than not, a suicide. After the act is committed it is a […]

Why to Choose an IEP over a Home Mold Test 

IEP Mold Inspection and Home Mold Tests Many people all over the United States have mold in their homes or they think they do. These people often buy a home mold test from their local home improvement store and assume that this can help identify their mold problems in a quick, efficient and cheap manner. […]

Mold Growth from Sump Pump Failure 


Sump Pump Failure Sometimes Causes Mold Maryland and Washington DC Based Water Extraction Sump pumps shoulder a large responsibility when it comes to protecting a residential or commercial property. A sump pump is a mechanical device tasked with pumping excess water away from a home or business establishment. Water from rain, melting snow, flooding, and […]

Water Damage Maryland 

Baltimore Water Restoration SI Restoration Maryland specialists are available for emergency support of your water damage situation. Call now to speak with an emergency specialist! Maryland residential and commercial property owners can experience water damage due to many unforeseen circumstances.  Water damage in Maryland can happen due to: Severe Snow Storms Flooding and Water Damage […]

Burst Pipe Water Damage 

Burst pipes can happen for many reasons, including freezing pipes, high water pressure, and degraded and damaged materials.  Water damage from burst pipes can be one of the most expensive restoration projects a property owner could face.  With over twenty years of experience servicing the community with water damage, SI Restoration offers several unique tips […]

Mold Infestation 

Information on Mold Infestation In some cases, mold infestation is easy to identify. Most mold infestations cover large areas. Many home and business owners encounter black or green slimy mold that has a noticeable odor. However, what happens when mold spore counts are high but mold is nowhere to be found? Mold infestation can go […]

Mold Restoration 

Expert Maryland Mold Restoration SI Restoration specializes in mold restoration for your home or building. Exposure to mold can be extremely hazardous and cause major health concerns to property owners and their families and colleagues. In order to protect a residential or commercial property, mold restoration must be carried out by a certified mold restoration […]

Does Bleach Kill Mold? 

Why Bleach Kills Mold Is A Myth If I had a dollar for every time some one asked me if bleach can be used to kill mold , I could retire. Although the concept makes perfect sense, bleach is not one of the recommended solutions when removing mold or suspected mold odors. Here are some […]

Attic Mold Removal Issues 

Attic Mold Issues At least once a week we get calls about mold in attics. Some people are amazed how the mold got into their attic in the first place. Here are some reasons why mold grows in attics. Roofs, A Cause For Attic Mold One of the last homeowners issues that is thought about […]

Buying a New House that needs Mold Removal 

Buying a House or Selling a House that may need Mold Removal Before I begin, I must tell you that I am not a real estate professional, but a certified mold re mediator for the last 25 years. I decided to write about the topic of mold issues and real estate due to the confusion […]

Mold Claim Prevention Tips 

Mold Claim Prevention Tip: Avoid Negligence Issues Although I am not an attorney and can not give even the slightest legal advice on mold law and related issues, I want to discuss issues to concern yourself when worrying about the possibility of mold. The purpose of this article is to give you some food for […]

Mold Removal Maryland 

License Laws For Mold Removal Maryland Why did Maryland and other states make mold remediation licensed? The question still remains. Why license mold removal contractors; and why haven’t some states required mold contractors to be licensed. With the restoration industry getting competitive and the profit becoming less with all the licensing, why add more regulations […]

Costs Associated with Mildew Removal 

Costs Associated with Mold and Mildew Removal Below is a question that we received from a customer on how companies charge for removing mold and mildew Question: Hi I am Ben and I was wondering how companies charge for mold and mildew removal. I have called several companies and getting all different price levels. Please […]

Who should test for mold? 

Who should test for mold? Many people call mold removal companies asking if they test for mold. they want to know what kind of mold and if they have too much mold. Mold removal companies who test for mold run the possibility of being sued or get into other legal trouble due to conflict of […]

Mold Removal Costs 

How much are Mold Removal Costs? “How do you know you are not getting ripped off.” As a consumer myself I am always looking for the best if not the cheapest price. You hope that everything that you see is equal and therefore you assume that it’s just which company wants the job and is […]

Mold Testing 

Mold Testing Questions After 23 years in the mold removal and remediation industry there is one main question that we get daily which is “Do we test for mold?” The answer we give can be very shocking not only to the average homeowner, but also to commercial property management companies. The answer is no with […]

Preventing Mold Growth 

Preventing Mold Growth Most people in the back of their minds worry if there home or businesses have mold. They worry about what symptoms they could get from the mold and how much mold is actually spread through the home. What most people do not concern themselves is where the mold coming from. When I […]