Restoration Questions and Information

When looking at companies to use, make sure to read and review our Faq's because certain issues such as having a different company to test for mold rather than one company to test and remove the mold is an important topic. Would you trust someone who tests their own work or says you have more mold than you actually have so they can quote a higher price. These are issues that we talk about in the FAQ's for each topic.


There are two major agencies which are reputable in the restoration industry they are ACAC and IICRC. SI Restoration is IICRC certified but we recommend that you only hire a company that has one of these two certifications as there are many internet only one day courses which don't teach much and how does a person learn everything in one day. Our crew is sent to a week long training to learn the industry and we pride ourselves in doing the job right.

When you have an emergency trust SI Restoration, we've been in business since 1989, that's over 26 years! The company hasn't survived this long because we do OK work, we have survived because we take pride in every job we complete and put forth effort to train our crews well. Call us today for your water, mold or fire damage project!