Hoarding Information

Animal Hoarding

For more information on Animal Hoarding please visit AnimalHoarding.com as you will find a vast majority of relevant information to help you lean about this important type of Hoarding.

Grief Recovery Method

For more information on how to deal with grief and recover from grief, they have training courses to help you deal with someone who has lost someone they love and to deal with grief recovery.

Helping Hoarders

For more information on how to help hoarders and to start and learn how to organize your home. The site has useful articles and advice on helping hoarders, it is the blog site for a company called Address Our Mess which has been helping hoarders from it’s beginning.


For more information on clutter cleanup please visit this site which has good articles on clutter.


Definition of Hoarder at “The Free Dictionary” website.

Address Our Mess

Larger company that takes the cleaning task of hoarders seriously. Not a franchise company but all internal staff, would recommend this company.

Troubles with Junk

Summary of Compulsive Hoarding of junk with a nice description of some symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and related resources for compulsive hoarding.

Call SI Restoration at the number at the top of the page, to discuss your specific needs or you can contact us through our contact form for your or your loved ones hoarding situation.